Baby Registry, ugh. To be honest, I put it off until the very end, upsetting friends who were eager to start shopping. I get it, it’s fun for them. There’s no stress and they’re not asking themselves, is the best option for the baby? Is it safe? Will I actually use it? They are distracted by how cute and small everything is meanwhile I am questioning EVERYTHING.

Until I stopped. And went back to the basics. What did my mom need? What did my friends who were moms actually use? I figured out if something seemed excessive and unnecessary, it most likely was excessive and unnecessary. Rather than stocking up and taking up precious space in closets, I reminded myself that I could actually buy things I needed, and not register for everything I might need. As my friend Martha Lynn says to new moms who fear never leaving the house again, you will go to Target. So, let’s all relax, Target is in our near future. In an attempt to make your registry experience a bit easier than mine, here are the items we registered for with a few tips I wish we’d known.

1. Register at one place. It’s tempting to register at a few, especially the ones where you can add items from many stores but I found returns to be difficult.

2. If you are having more than one shower, make one a diaper shower. Walmart will let you exchange diapers for different sizes, as long as they carry the brand.

3. Speaking of showers, have your hostess ask everyone to bring a book instead of a card. Instant library!

4. People will buy you cute outfits. Register for some basic onsies but I recommend using the registry for big ticket items. Your hostess can kindly suggest that people can go in together.

5. I started buying toiletries for myself and baby and didn’t use registry space for those items. Items included cotton squares, vaseline, thermometer, baby shampoo, bath soap, detergent (I used a dye-free option already), zippered mesh bag (baby socks and mittens get lost in washing machine), diaper rash cream, personal breastfeeding items, etc.

Bath Tub

Washcloths (4)

Hooded-Towel (2) -Buy the larger size ones. Babies will outgrow them quickly.

Crib Sheets (2)


Crib Mattress

Crib Mattress Protector

Changing Pad *measure your changing table or dresser, pads come in different sizes

Changing Pad Cover

Changing Pad Liners 

Nasal Aspirator

4-6 Newborn Zipper Footed Pajamas (our baby lived in these for the first few months and they run a little big)

3 Zipper footed pajamas in 0-3 months

3 Zipper footed pajamas in 3-6 months

4-6 Onsies  *register for a combination of short and long sleeve, in 0-3 and 3-6 months, and consider what time of year your baby will be born

2-4 pants in 0-3 months

2-4 pants in 3-6 months

2 Hats (look for newborn sizes if possible) We rarely put hats on Bowie once out of the newborn stage but he was also a summer baby.

2 Pairs of mittens

Socks 0-3 months (6 pack)

Socks 3-6 months (6 pack)

Burp Cloths

4 Swaddle Blankets. These are the softest. These can also be used as burp cloths, stroller blankets, etc. Velcro options are loud but effective.

Baby Blanket. Consider something thick enough to lay on ground as make shift play mat, if needed.

Graco Modes Travel Stroller System 

Pack and Play

Swing or Vibrating Chair Bowie didn’t care for one but other friends have said they couldn’t live without one. It’s better to have it and not use it and return it, then to be desperate in those sleepless first weeks.

Motorola 2 Way Baby Audio Monitor

Sound Machine We registered for this one but ended up using an app on an old ipad because it was louder than the sound machine. I do like that the sound machine plays classical music-it’s nice for playtime.

Ergo Baby (plus infant insert) A must!

Diaper Bag (any backpack will do)

Play Gym

Play mat

Play Yard 

Mirror for car

Seat protector for carseat. Really wishing I had this from the start.

Diaper Genie or Trash Can (we went with one that uses regular trash bags)

Diaper Wipe Warmer

Breast Pump (contact your insurance, it might be free)

Medela Cooler Pack

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Bottle Starter Set (we went with glass bottles but later switched to plastic)

Bottle Drying Rack and stem

Natural Rubber Pacifiers

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Newborn Lounger


Bob Stroller

Breastfeeding Scarf