Two weeks before Bowie turned four years old, he told Michael and I that he was done with training wheels. We were both a little surprised by his declaration but his confidence was unwavering. He had never even attempted to ride a bike without training wheels but at the wise age of 3.75 years old, he knew his own ability and trusted it! We took off the training wheels and within two hours, he was a bike rider! 

Maybe it was the time we had spent outside during lockdown that built up his confidence, or maybe it was that he had the perfect bike, a woom bike, that was made for moments like this and made for children like him.

Most parents don’t know this, and I was surprised to learn, that weight is one of the most critical factors in a child’s success and enjoyment in learning to ride. Some bikes are so heavy that they are physically too large to maneuver smoothly as one should on a bike. woom bikes weigh 40% less than most children’s bikes. The bike that Bowie is on above, a woom 2, weighs 11.2 lbs!

90% of the components have been specially developed for children, and they are designed to fit children eighteen months to fourteen years old. Yep, you read that right. Even your tiniest tots at just eighteen months can enjoy a woom bike.

We all know how quickly children grow up AND grow out of expensive items we buy them. Consider woom an investment that gives back as part of woom’s upCYCLE program. You can exchange your old woom bike when your child grows out of it and receive a 40% discount when buying the next size up.

Thinking about ordering your little a bike for the holidays? As you know the demand for bikes has skyrocketed! woom has spent months perfecting their pre-order process to ensure a good customer service experience, especially for busy parents! woom has a new Pre-Order Process including Fall and Holiday Delivery Times. Woom 1-5 is available for pre-order now. All other models are still on a waitlist but woom 1-5 is available to pre-order on the site which means one less step! You can check the most up to date wait times for the specific bike model you are interested in. But don’t wait too long, as you can see, the wait times vary on the model level and some models aren’t predicted to ship out until November.

For information such as tips on ordering the right size woom bike, teaching your child to ride a bike, and more, visit the woom Tips and Tricks page.

All photos by Heather Gallagher