We ask 5 successful women one question in hopes that some of their #girlboss juju will rub off on us. There’s nothing we love more than a glimpse into the lives of people we admire. What’s in their bag? What books are they reading? What podcasts are they listening to? Maybe they know the one secret that could make a difference in our day, our business, our productivity, our wellness, or our creativity. So today we asked,




I recently swapped my diaper bag for a more “fashionable” bag because I don’t feed my baby formula or out of a bottle and I was tired of carrying around my diaper backpack bag! It’s a black tote bag by Neiman Marcus – easy and simple! Items I can’t live without?

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My newest bag of choice is the Kelly Wynne Clarksville Carryall because it works for both work life and mom life!  The side flaps expand out or fold in so it’s versatile.  I love that it’s big enough to hold my laptop without getting too bulky and the neutral colors make it work for every look.

Besides the typical laptop, iPhone and diapers and wipes…

  • Headphones – working in a loud salon, this is sometimes the only way I can drown out the noise.  I got this pair in an airport and I actually love them!
  • Makeup Bag with enough makeup for a quick 5-minute face
  • Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast – the smell is amazing and it can take your hair from boring to banging in seconds
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers – they never go out of style and I always come back to these
  • BKR Bottle – a cute water bottle is the ONLY way I will drink water.  We started carrying these at Mirror Mirror because they are my favorite!
  • Tweezers – natural light and a car mirror is always my favorite spot for a quick brow clean up and Tweezerman is the only way to go
  • Hand Sanitizer
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Carly Blair, Owner of Margot Blair Floral

Owning a planning business means I wear a lot of hats on any given day, so I carry the Madewell East West Transport Tote. It goes with just about everything and it fits A LOT, so I always have what I need.
  • Aviator sunglasses – I have really light eyes so I’m religious about wearing sunglasses and keep mine nearby at all times.
  • NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio – Red lips are my signature move when I need to look pulled together on the fly. This one has been my favorite for years.
  • My Apple Suite (haha) – iPhone + iPad + Macbook – Most days I’m going from client meetings to venue walkthroughs to coffee meetings and then back and forth through the flower studio, so technology is the only thing that keeps my head on straight.
  • Moleskine notebook + Le Pens in about 80 different colors – Because I like to doodle and there’s nothing worse than not having something to write on… the color options is just because it’s me. Duh.

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Jane Ko, Creator of A Taste of Koko

The bag I’ve been using every single day for the past year has been the Lo & Son’s Claremont. It’s actually a camera bag so it fits my camera, iPhone, keys and other accessories, but it’s super stylish!

  • iPhone 7 plus – as a blogger and someone who is always on social media, I can’t live without my iPhone.
  • Kate Spade card holder – holds 2 credit cards, drivers license and my business cards.
  • Sony A7RII – I just bought this camera and I really like it because the quality is incredible and the flip out screen helps me capture my iconic table spread images.
  • Cocokind organic coconut lip balm – moisturizing, coconut-y lip balm that hydrates my super dry lips
  • Illesteva sunglasses – it’s always sunny in Austin so sunglasses are a must.
  • Field Notes – I always have a jumble of ideas in my head and writing them down helps!

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Maria Orozova, Owner of The MOD Studio

I’m actually a two-bag girl… or a bag-inside-a-bag girl. My work bag is the Everest Laptop Bag – it’s perfectly compartmentalized for all my office essentials (laptop, charger, water bottle, etc.).

My second bag is the Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Cross Body – it stores all my credits cards, lip gloss and car keys so I can easily grab it and go to that cocktail reception, happy hour or dinner without the weight of a huge purse.

  • My LV Agenda Notebook – I have had this for over 8 years and still love it… it’s easily refillable year after year and it saves the day when technology inevitably melts down.
  • Obsessed with Dior Addict Gloss in Nude – it’s not sticky or flavored – just 100% moisture and shine all day long
  • A pair of sunnies – any brand, any color…. However I am enjoying my fly new pair from Balenciaga as well as some pineapple-patterned ones I received as a swag gift at a charity event.
  • Portable iPhone charger – used multiple times a day
  • Newman’s Own Organic Peppermints – stronger than Altoids if you can believe it!

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