Today marks the launch of our new series, Tell Us. We ask successful women one question in hopes that some of their #girlboss juju will rub off on us. Without sounding stalker-ish, there’s nothing we love more than a glimpse into the lives of people we admire. What’s in their bag, what books are they reading, what podcasts are they listening to? Maybe they know the one secret that could make a difference in our day, our business, our productivity, our wellness, or our creativity.

Today we asked, What is your morning routine?

Photo by Sarah Elliott for Jenni Kayne / Rip & Tan

Nadine Abramcyk, Co-Founder of Tenoverten

I have two young kids, a five year old and a three and a half year old, so I’m woken up by them. Obviously we’re coming off of the summer, but during the school year they go to school around nine, so I’ll get them ready, drop them off, and then I’ll go take The Class, which is something that Taryn Toomey teaches in New York, or maybe take a SoulCycle class. Then I really start my day for work around 11, so I really take my mornings for myself, and I normally work until 6 o’clock and every day is totally different.

Image via Jenni Kayne


Kristen Chin, Founder and Principal of POM PR

My morning routine consists of checking my Inbox for anything super time sensitive, then, I’ll make breakfast for my son. He’s really into cooking and compiling ingredients right now, so he likes to whip up breakfast tacos withscrambled eggs and cream cheese (his own recipe!) Requiring quick and easy products, I’ll apply Elevé Cosmetics Bombshell BB Cream and a swipe of Lip LUV. Lunch box – check, shoes – check, and we’re out the door for pre-school and work!


Ana Louisa Longley, Art Direction Manager at Kendra Scott Jewelry 

I try to get in some exercise a few mornings a week whether it’s a 6AM class at Wanderlust Yoga or walking our sweet puppy Rita. After that I enjoy taking the time to get dressed and ready for work each day; deciding on heels and earrings, putting on my rings, touching Amber oil to my wrists—it’s a lovely quiet moment in an otherwise busy day. I’ll pack a yogurt/fruit/granola bowl to eat when I get to the office and have that with coffee as I check emails—unless it’s Friday, and a stop to TacoDeli is in order!

Kaleigh Wiese, Founder of Méldeen and Co-Founder of

I am not really a morning person, so I typically take it a bit slower once myalarm goes off at 7:30am. I click snooze once and then spend about an 1/2 hour in bed previewing emails, writing a to-do lists and perusing social media. This allows me to feel focused when I get to my desk at 9am, after my daily cup of coffee, picking out a fun outfit and loving on my dogs before I dive into the day.


Marnie Duncan, Founder of MOD Fitness

My morning ritual normally begins with an early wake up call with my son, Jack. Followed by a fresh brewed cup of Texas Pecan coffee with my husband and our morning walk around Stacy Park with the baby and our french bulldog, Jersey.