As we continue our search for the perfect gift for moms this Mothers’ Day, we threw a wide net out to our readers. Was it a spa day, maybe a handbag they’ve been coveting? Or was it a simpler, less is more, type of gift? When the ability to buy whatever we want, whenever we want is at our fingertips, is it the things money can’t buy that we find ourselves really hoping for? Based on the moms we asked, the answer is yes. Let this be a good reminder to slow down, put ask for what you really want and need, and enjoy the ones that have made you exactly what we’re celebrating, Mothers. Photo by Heather Gallagher

What do moms really, really want this Mothers’ Day?

A day with my family and a glass (or three) of good red wine. 

Breakfast and coffee in bed.

Cell phone free, screen free day!

My birthday and mothers day are always close together and every year I ask for ONE whole day to deep clean our house. That’s right…no kids, good tunes, hair up and just me and my sponge going to work on every nook and cranny in the house. Spring cleaning feels so good!

On Mothers Day, I like to spend the day alone. I do all my favorite things like get coffee, eat breakfast slowly, workout, organize my closet, call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. All the things I used to do and apparently take for granted. Every other day is Mothers Day, you know?

Anything homemade. I live for art projects, popsicle framed pics of my sweeties, and breakfast in bed.

A clean house!

A long walk with the fam. No phones, no agenda, sunshine and maybe a mimosa in a to-go cup.

I truly have everything I want. Old fashioned family time, sunshine and waffles would be GREAT!

Sleeping in, coffee in bed, a bubble bath and a really long nap. In that order.

A kid free weekend with my man!