Love Child turned four this past June. It should be noted that my son turned 4 the same week. Not planned as my son came earlier than his expected due date but nonetheless, they share a birth week! Something about this birthday or maybe it was the quarantine talking but it finally felt appropriate to breathe some new life back into Love Child. Now that I’m thinking about it,  I definitely think it’s the fact that mothers have been put through the wringer this year and I needed Love Child. I needed to connect, engage, and bring the voices and the stories back to the pages of Love Child again. Thank you for making the space for me to do so. For those new to Love Child, I shared the story of how Love Child came to be below.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment I dreamed up Love Child. It was that ah-ha moment you see in the movies. The same one I felt when I was 12 and caught a glimpse of New York City and knew I would live there-and I did 12 years later. The same moment I met my now-husband at a bar. Eyes met, rest is history. You know in your gut, there’s something there, and that’s how it was with Love Child.

Were we trying for a baby? No. I mean sure, I was 31 so it was on the brain but we were newly engaged and planning a wedding and I thought that was something we’d try for in a few years. Turns out natural family planning requires paying attention…love child!

I remember the day so vividly. Sitting on my couch with my sister, having just found out I was pregnant with Bowie, and knowing immediately I would need community. I knew things like newborn care, breastfeeding, and registry would come soon enough but my priority was a community. Only three friends at the time had babies and they all lived in different cities. I didn’t know who I could call or ask questions and when I went online to research, I was met with a resounding NO. Or at least that’s how it felt at the time.  Information was dated and felt geared toward a generation that was not mine. A generation of mothers who’s voices were hidden, not invited to the table and were forced to give up their identity to help foster that of their children’s.

So I started asking women I admired from the internet to share their stories and experiences on Love Child. They were so similar to my own. What does it mean to be a mother these days?” 

Love Child has brought thousands of women and their families into my life. Our contributors have been vulnerable and brave and shared their stories with our community so that we can support one another.

And now here we are 4 years later. We won’t get it perfect but I promise we will try to make it worth your very valuable time.

Thanks for being here friends.

xx Cristina

Photo Credit / Heather Gallagher

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