When Artifact Uprising reached out about a Valentine’s Day collaboration, I knew immediately what family photo I would choose to frame. It was a photo of the three of us, the day before Thanksgiving, the day before we would find out some exciting news. A sweet moment frozen in time. But then, after sorting through some photos from the same family shoot, I was struck by a photo of me and my husband. They are so rare and I’m so glad we stopped to take a few of us while my son ran around the property we were shooting. I thought to myself, when was the last time I framed a photo of just us? Maybe our wedding? I couldn’t remember which meant it had been too long. Once we received our wooden print hanger in the mail and got to work assembling it, our son could not stop staring at it. He loved our framed photo so much, we decided to leave it hanging in his room. Based on his reaction, I knew I had made the right choice.  My favorite part of the wooden hanger is we can swap prints effortlessly by adjusting the brass screws. Made in the USA with real maple wood, it’s just one more reason to love. Use code LCM10 for 10% off one order, valid until 2/4.