The signs are all there. Someone tells you your laugh is starting to sound like hers, your hands start to resemble hers, and if you’re a parent, maybe you find yourself parenting like her, asking yourself what would Mom do? The signs all point to yes–you are indeed turning into your mother. And you’re okay with that. In fact, it’s an honor.

Today, a few days shy of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the traits we inherited from our mamas and the ones we hope to pass on to our own children one day. We invited 13 women to ask their mama, what traits did I inherit from you? Their answers are below.

“I think that Sara inherited my  athletic skill and creativity tendencies to try “crafty” activities. You (Cristina) inherited my organizational skills and the ability to not show stress when things get crazy. Both of you got the independence streak that I inherited from my mother.” -Lucia, Mother to Sara and Cristina

“Kelly inherited my confidence and fun personality. We love hosting people, talking to anyone and storytelling — neither of us are scared to speak in public. We both end up being the life of the party and can easily have fun. Plus, I think our warming personalities help bring out the best in others which makes us both happy.” -Joline, Mother to Kelly
“I hear that we walk/talk the same. You are kind to children and animals, thick hair, and fear of snakes!” -Sands, Mother to Cassidy
“Love of new adventures, and wanting to do for others before you do for yourself. She also put how emotional I am..aha but idk if I want that being published” -Lorna, Mother to Alison (Sorry Alison, too cute not to publish)
“Megan inherited from me an intellectual curiosity and love of reading, a strong approach to social justice and a positive affirmation of self and others, a love for animals and kids, love for music and art an easy smile and laugh, brown hair and eyes…oh, I could probably go on and on” -Karen, Mother to Megan
“I’d say we both have these qualities, strong-willed, independent, very self-disciplined, high expectations for oneself, works well under pressure, likes order and neatness, sensitive to other’s feelings and needs, compassionate and loving, open-minded, family oriented. I think we favor each other in looks, especially our eyes, although her beauty, both inside and out, far outshines mine”

-Celeste, Mother to Meghan

“Personality, creativity, outgoingness, and spirituality. Both loved by dogs, babies, and old people. That last one is random but true!” -Connie, Mother to Michelle
“Introspective” -Kim, Mother to Haylie
“A few of the traits that I think you inherited from me are my deep sense of compassion and empathy, self-confidence, and maternal instincts. I could go on and on to list many more, but for now I think those will suffice.” – Diane, Mother to Emily
“It’s very easy to tell that you are my daughter. You have inherited my height and my hair, well when it used to be red back in the day, and we look a lot alike. We both have a deep love for animals and people. I’d like to say you inherited that from me.” –Suzanne, Mother to Alex
Here’s what I think: Dreams are worth working for, Stick to it attitude , Stand up for what you believe in. – Michele, Mother to Liz
“You are like me in so many ways!  You’ve inherited not just my smile, but also my facility with words, organizational skills, and creativity.  I see myself reflected in your enthusiasm for life, your curiosity, your sense of adventure and your nesting instincts.” Mary, Mother to Emily