Throughout my second pregnancy, I shared my fears and anxieties of having a second baby. I was nervous for our son, who would have to learn to share his family. I was nervous for myself, who would have to share my time, energy and love with another child. Did I have enough to give? Would I love our second child as much as I loved our first? I was nervous for the balance in my life that I had worked so hard to perfect over the past two years.

After talking with friends, I was able to process my feelings and move forward. I knew I would love any baby of ours equally and I knew I would eventually find the balance I need to feel fulfilled. What  I didn’t know was how our son would react to meeting his brother. Would he cry? Would he ask that we leave baby brother at the hospital? So many different scenarios replayed in my head during those restless nights in my third trimester. I knew I couldn’t control how the situation unfolded, so we prepared our son (and ourselves) as best we could and hoped for the best. It turns out, everything worked out beautifully.

This is one of the most personal moments that I’ve shared on Love Child. It’s raw, vulnerable, and real. You can see in Heather’s photos that our emotions are front and center. But it was also one of the happiest moments in our lives. A moment I will never forget. A moment that so many of you promised would happen, that our hearts would grow the second Grey came into our lives and it would feel like he’s always been there. And guess what? You were all right and our family is now complete (for now).

Photos by Heather Gallagher