Hours after I posted our Stories of Miscarriage Part Two, one of my good friends called to say she had recently suffered a miscarriage. I was at a loss for words. So many thoughts ran through my mind and it took everything not to immediately book a flight to go see her. I have never had a miscarriage but I felt this one and my best friend Emily’s so deeply. I hurt for them, I cried for them, and I felt like I too, had lost something so precious, too early. But, it’s not my lost to mourn and I know I can never fully grasp the pain and sadness that they felt in that moment and in the many moments to follow. The one thing I can do is support them. Support will look different to every mama but if you’re like me and unsure of where to start, we look to our friends who understand the emotions, friends who have been there. We would love to hear from you specific ways your friends supported you or how you supported friends.

1. Share your story! It was really helpful when friends opened up to me with their stories. It made me feel less alone.

2. Definitely say something. Even a text or a quick email is better than silence.

3. Offer to help with errands or just hang out. It was so great to be with friends and laugh.

4. Validate the loss no matter how early the pregnancy was.

5. Food! When in doubt send food.

6. Be there to listen weeks, months and years later.