When it came time to throw my sister Sara’s baby shower, we knew we had to pull out all of the stops. You may remember my sister’s honest blog post about their struggle to conceive. This shower was something I have dreamed about hosting for years and I was so honored to host with a few of Sara’s closest friends. We debated on hosting her shower at a local boutique hotel or a friend’s house but with a push from unpredictable Texas weather, we decided that a shower in one of her best friend’s home where so many memories had already been made, would feel more intimate. It can be hard to navigate theme and decor when hosting a shower in someone else’s house. You want to make it feel customized to the person of honor but are ultimately working within the walls of other people’s lives. In the end, it came down to the details that made this at-shower so very special.  Photography by Paige Newton 

The Decor

We enlisted the help of professional stylists Anna and Rhoda of Loot Vintage, to style an area where Sara would open gifts. Originally intended to be outside, the rainy weekend moved everything inside creating an even more intimate space.

Amazing what a few layered rugs, oversized rattan chair and small side tables can do to a space. Loot Vintage had the perfect pieces to compliment the brides’s personal style.

It was a perfect fit! The matching bassinet was a thrifted purchase by the mama-to-be.

The Dessert Table

The styled dessert table by Melody’s Joy at Sara’s shower was so beautiful, we literally had to remind guests to eat them! In true Melody fashion, the dessert table stylist left no detail undone. She brought in her own art installation, coordinating platters and accessories and worked with calligrapher Jen Krause to create customized dessert and food labels.

The entire design was her mastermind, down to the color of desserts (ombre cupcakes!) All small gestures that made our mama-to-be feel so loved. The desserts by Feathers & Frosting (all organic, local and high quality ingredients) were almost too beautiful to eat, almost…

The Drinks

One of the hostess pre-made cold brew lattes that were very popular for this Sunday am brunch, and we had mimosas and bubbles on hand for those who came ready to party. Not wanting to leave out our mama-to-be and the handful of pregnant guests, we had a few bottles of Ready To Pop, a non alcoholic bubbly, on hand.

Created right here in Austin, Ready To Pop has only one flavor but comes in three different color labels as a complement to your event. Bonus, it ships right to your door and is so refreshing, you forget it’s non-alcoholic!

Beautiful DIY moss-filled letters and a couple of fun games completed this magical day. With one month to go, the countdown is officially on until we meet sweet Serena.