Maybe it’s the former teacher in me, or the fact that you could always find me reading as a child, but the second I was introduced to BornBrite, I knew I had to interview the founder, Gabriela Amezcua. BornBrite is a pregnancy book. That’s right, a pregnancy book. Not a book on being pregnant, not a parenting book, but a series of books that not only teach you about your pregnant self, month by month, but provide a lesson that you can “teach” to your babe on their current developmental level. Babies can respond to their environments way earlier than we think and Gabriela wants every mother to take advantage of that special bonding time. Brilliant, right? We chatted with Gabriela about the inspiration behind BornBrite, how she manages her time (she includes tips!), and what’s next for BornBrite. You can shop the BornBrite book series here.


What was the inspiration behind starting BornBrite?

The idea started after my sister’s first pregnancy. Every week she would research the comparison of her baby’s size to a living object (mainly fruits) and what her baby was going through. Excited about her news, I soon started doing the same research and little did I know how precise and detailed every process of a baby’s growth is studied.
The thought of how many mother’s actually were missing out on the knowledge of their pregnancy made me think of them, at first. Continuing with the research, I found out that baby’s, after a certain period, can actually respond to their environment. It didn’t hit me until I read that reading or singing to your baby in your own womb creates a bond– I wanted to help mom’s know about their babies right from the start, but most of all- I wanted their babies to feel and to know how loved they are even way before they arrive in our arms.

There is an overwhelming amount of information available for pregnancy, but it mostly focus on the well-being of the mama. BornBrite focuses on the well-being of the baby and the relationship between baby and mama. Was this always the goal?

Definitely! I believe we as humans have a natural instinct to look after and protect ourselves- but that special sense that women have to care for and to be able to live their maternity while creating a unique and incomparable bond with such a defenseless being – is just amazing! Everyone should know that pouring your heart out to your baby right from that first day you hear that heartbeat is not only felt but also corresponded.


We have many readers who are on the brink of starting their own business. Tell us about the process of starting BornBrite from a business perspective. Did you always know you would own your business?

“Think BIG or go home!!!” That would be my advice to everyone starting their own business. Bornbrite started as an idea, a dream of a recently married girl who had left her corporate life to follow her heart and form a family. After always having worked and having that inner ambition – I knew I wouldn’t…COULDN’T.. stay still! So I thought of jobs and investments and proposals and businesses that I could juggle and not lose my focus on my main priority (which was my husband and soon enough my daughter, too). I was very lucky and forever thankful he (my husband) was more that just supporting- but my main push to getBornbrite flying! A book was the last thing I thought I’d get into. I always loved to write, but as far as having a published book out there is a whole different world. I tried. I failed. Many times. I was new at this industry (still am) and am not leaving it not only without my best fight- but with my best victory! I studied hard, researched, asked, went to people I thought could help, friends, other professionals, and so many other people and tools that I didn’t even know existed. Don’t ever get tired- and if you do- take a break and try again!

How and where do you find time for wellness and self-care? What does your wellness routine look like?

During Bornbrite’s process, I had the blessing of becoming pregnant myself! I had tried weight lifting, boxing , yoga and found my “thing” in pilates. I did pilates until 2 days before giving birth! I absolutely loved it and truly believe it helped with my quick recovery. And even though I had my good dose of not so healthy cravings- everyyyy morning I’d refuel my body with a green juice after my workout! After Elena was born we’d take power walks together and she now helps me dig in my acai bowls.

You are a one-woman show. Do you have any tips for managing your time? When and how do you work best?

My best tip … and write this down: the important things before the urgent ones! I am in love with my life! I cook, I clean, I change diapers, I read to my baby….and then I sell, revise orders, check social media, reports and insights. Everything can be done. I have time to gossip and laugh with my friends , and watch movies with my hubby, and talk every single day with my mom! It’s all in the balance you give your day-plus I have amazing people around me that are always willing to help me solve and improve tiny details and huge situations I might have overlooked. I personally feel a bit more inspired at night for everything! Weekly home made menu creations, outfit elections according to playdates and activities and even Bornbrite mom letters and quotes are all fabricated right during my husband’s nightly news.

Give us one piece of advice for balancing running your own business and motherhood.

I started a business taking into consideration that motherhood was my ultimate goal. Not many of us have that luck. For us moms that work I think all I have to say is “stay proud”! Ifyou had a super busy day and you overcooked your kids veggies (or maybe even just picked them out of your neighborhood market) – it’s ok. Your children appreciate that you are right there when it matters and for what really matters. Today it might me only feeding and keeping them clean; tomorrow it may be homeworks; someday it will only be that solid piece of wise advise- whatever it is- do it so that at the end of the day you can stay proud that you are the mom that gave it all and gave it her best for YOUR own best- your kids!

bb4 What’s next for BornBrite?

I’m not sure if I’m the one to ask… or that fantastic hubby of mine I keep mentioning! He says clothing line (zipper pj’s! He can’t have enough of them!) , I say toys (teethers, perhaps)! But for sure- Bornbrite will have many upcoming surprises and fun and sweet ways for moms to continue growing with their babies.
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