Andrea Levoff, a former comedian and creator of Dope Ass Mom is the real deal Holyfield of motherhood. She’s creative, honest, and through her web series, pokes fun at everyday parenting tasks. We were immediate fans after seeing her first viral video, “How To Put Your Kids To Beds,” and are excited to announce that her third video,“How to be Calm When Your Kids are Jerks”  launches today! We talked with Andrea about what drew her to creating Dope Ass Mom, why self-care and your internal dialogue is so important and what inspired her Royal Tenenbaum-like home. One important tidbit, Andrea made sure  to remind us that mom-guilt is a totally useless emotion. Yaaas Queen!

Photos by Tiia Norsym


What was the inspiration behind starting Dope Ass Mom?

The inspiration behind Dope Ass Mom was really just my life. Before becoming a mother I had tons of time, tons of energy, ideas, zest for life and then once I became a mom I got really bogged down with the idea of responsibility and needing to  be a certain way because I was now a mom. Dope Ass Mom is really the celebration of myself through motherhood.

What was the aha moment with starting your web series?

I truly believe in following your joy. When the idea came to me I kept trying to make different things work for my brand. My aha movement was truly embracing everything I was and running with it. I’ve learned that when I do things that light me up,  the logistics of them just work out. The right people show up and things start to happen. That was really the process of the series, it all just sort of fell into place once I decided to take action.

I love how you are an advocate for both finding joy and freedom in motherhood. How do you balance the two? And how do you tackle mom guilt?

Joy and Freedom are two of my top values in all areas of my life.  When I’m not consciously cultivating these bad-boys my mood suffers, and my parenting suffers. So really it’s about bringing what’s important to me in my life into my role as a mother.
Mom guilt is so rampant and the thing about guilt is, it’s really a useless emotion. It’s a way to punish ourselves for something that we believe we should have done differently. When I find myself falling into something as unproductive as guilt I ask myself two things; Did I make the best decision I could at at the time?  ( hint: the answer is always yes or I would have made a different decision) and finally, what can I learn from what happened and move on? Parenting is challenging, and as far as I can tell we didn’t have a course in parenting in school. We had two ( in some cases one) imperfect person or people that modeled it for us.
At the end of the day, the happier and more fulfilled we are the happier our kids are. I always remember that when I’m weighing a decision about how to spend my time. If I am a happier person when I do yoga then I need to make it a point to get a sitter and find a yoga class- guilt free. Ain’t no body got time for that! 🙂

Tell us more about self care and self talk and why your positive internal dialogue is so important.

Taking care of ourselves goes way beyond what I think as a society we have come to think of self-care. Yes getting a manicure and going to yoga is important but what’s more important is the way we ARE with ourselves. Kids really pick up on this and will start to model whatever they see from their parents. To me that means really making sure I am loving myself in an unconditional way. When I am upset or angry I will stop and listen for my internal dialogue – is it supportive or is it me saying things to myself that I would never say to a friend. It’s taking time for myself to express those negative emotions if I need to. How we talk to ourselves informs how we talk to our kids which will eventually be how they talk to themselves.

You have two young children, Anna and Max. Do they understand your sense of humor?

I think they do! They are both pretty funny kids and we live in a household that keeps things pretty lighthearted and fun. And if they don’t, too bad! 😉

We have many readers who are on the brink of starting their own business. Tell us a little about the process of starting Dope Ass Mom from a business perspective. Did you always know you would run your own business? How was the seed planted?

I actually did not ever think I wanted to run my own business. Dope Ass Mom really started from a place of wanting to serve. After completing my masters degree and taking a deep dive within myself, mainly during my early motherhood years, I felt a desire to share what I have learned.
Showing up for myself and my business everyday has been the biggest challenge and also has yielded the richest rewards. There are days I thought I  couldn’t work on something until I was inspired but I’m learning that inspiration often joins us after we’ve put the pen to the paper for a little while!

Your house is colorful and eclectic. What was the inspiration behind the design?

The Royal Tenenbaums was my inspiration. I love to be surrounded by color, patterns, textures and character. I love movies and I wanted my life and home to feel exciting, curious and inspiring.

What does your wellness routine look like?

The sort answer is imperfect because I’m a mom 🙂 Long drawn out morning routines and meditations just aren’t in the books for me at this stage of my life. However, there are a few things I do that make a huge difference in how my day/weeks go.
1. I meditate everyday, if only for 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s in the morning and sometimes it’s before I go to bed but I  make it a priority . It helps to calm my mind, which is so important for parenting.
2. I fuel myself throughout the day with healthy foods and snacks ( and I also allow for weekly pizza and the occasional sweets )
3. I take the time to process my emotions without judgement. I journal, I allow myself an adult temper tantrum, I call a supportive friend who listens without offering advice. Whatever it looks like for that week- I stay on top of how i’m feeling.

What’s next for Dope Ass Mom?

More and more content ! I love creating videos that make people laugh, sharing ideas and building a community of like-minded women. I’m always looking to create new things that bring value to my followers!