Lately, I’ve found myself buried in to do lists and paperwork. I have the longest living to-do list and it haunts me. ALL DAY LONG. I usually just ignore it and put priority tasks in my google calendar but still, why do I do this to myself? I convince myself I’ll cross things off on our nanny days, but that never happens. I tell myself, I need a work retreat where I hole up in a hotel room and answer thousands of emails and write thousands of blog posts, but let’s be real, I would just drink wine and sleep. So what’s a girl to do? Prioritize. September is now officially referred to as My Month. The title is a work in progress but you get the idea. I am going to set some goals, and all of you are going to hold me accountable. Maybe you’ll even join in on the fun. I need to reset, challenge myself, sleep, and get back to the things in my life that bring me joy. In no particular order, my goals for September (and life).


Wake up at 6:30 and meditate. I always feel better when I wake up before the rest of the house, get dressed, and maybe even answer a few emails or post a blog or instagram. This month, I’m going to add in a few minutes of meditation and set an intention for the day.


Why do I get a second wind around 11pm? Currently writing this post at 10:59 and I feel ALIVE right now. Oh right, because dark chocolate has caffeine. Saying bye to sugar and hello to slumber. New rule is lights out at 10:30 with an eventual goal of 10pm.


I recently took up running again and I love it. I feel like me when I’m running but I need to block out some time to run alone so I can clear my head without wondering if Bowie has passed out from heat stroke. I also have three gift cards to a local spa that I have been sitting on for over a year. Coming for you Milk + Honey.


High on my list of to-dos is always to organize. My side table, my beauty products, Bowie’s photos. I’m blocking out a week day, booking our nanny or Grandma and doing it. Less is more.


When I started my career as a wardrobe stylist, I would set a goal and go for it. Email the dream client, reach out to artists, you name it, I tried it and for the most part, it worked! Then, somewhere along the line, I got comfortable, I started comparing my work to others, and played it safe. I forgot what vulnerability feels like. This month, I’m putting it out there and setting some big goals for myself, my career, and Love Child.


I say no to a lot of things. I have a son and he has a bedtime routine that includes lots of cuddles that I hate missing. But I always have fun when I’m out and come home feeling refreshed from the time spent meeting new people, sharing ideas, and learning new things.


Date my husband, date my friends, date my mom who is the best grandma ever but deserves time with her daughters (and not just those moments in between grandparent drop offs and pick ups). I have let friendships slide since becoming a mom and it weighs heavy on me every day. Time to make time.


To my husband, my son, my friends, to podcasts. Do you ever hate your phone? There are some days where I want to toss it out my car window because of how much time it takes, energy and focus it takes away. Rather than tossing it, I will intentionally leave it in the other room or at home when I’m with my family. Whatever it is, it can wait.


Books are my most prized possessions but I quit reading when I started blogging. There’s time for both. And maybe even a book club?


Who’s with me? Where do you volunteer? Email me at if I can tag along.


and keep moving forward.