It’s not every day we get to chat with one of our favorite fashion designers, Rosie Assoulin. Lucky for us, Austin draws in many celebrities, whether it’s a music festival or in this case, an in-store trunk show at Austin institution, By George. The trunk show featured Rosie’s Resort ‘17 looks for purchase, and samples from her Spring ‘17 collection to order. The two collections blended beautifully, full of bright colors, full silhouettes, and off beat ideas.

I was first introduced to Rosie’s work while living in New York City. I fell in love with her use of bold colors and wearable pieces. One piece of jewelry in particular that I had to have for my own wedding (the single earring on the above featured image) but it sold out so quickly that it never happened. I still search The Real Real for that piece every once in a while…

But the crush remained and I have followed the mother of 3 ever since. For having such a big name in the fashion world, she remains down to earth and cheerful, just like her designs.


Your Resort and Spring collections are amazing. What served as inspirations for you?

So many things. That’s the hardest question! So many things! Like, every little one has a little story story, and sometimes the fabrics have their own story; so the same body in two different fabrics can have a whole different story. At the end of the day, it’s all filtered through something that you wanna wear, so it doesn’t matter if it’s inspired by some crazy out-there concepts, as long as you make stuff that you wanna wear… but at the same time, it should push a little bit. So it’s a balance of those things, but the inspiration is always kind of… random, I guess.

rosie3Did having kids change your approach to your work?

I don’t know! I only ever did it as mom, so I guess I don’t know! I was pregnant during Resort, had the baby, and Spring came out of that. I was pregnant for Fall ‘14… I think kids make you a little more playful. You get to go back into arts and crafts and make things a little more fun, you laugh at yourself, and don’t take yourself so seriously when you’re with kids.


rosie2How did you realize you had something unique to add to the conversation of fashion?

I interned for many years for Brian Reyes, Roxanne Assoulin, for Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta. I don’t know if I ever knew for sure before- Oh, my god! [at this moment, a young woman, who had gone to try on one of the larger-than-life sample gowns at Rosie’s urging, returned.] I am so happy right now! I can noooot take iiiit!

Rosie was clearly thrilled to see her gown come to life, as was the wearer. The 15 or so people gathered in the immediate area all turned their attention on the impromptu model, cooing their approval. ‘That’s my favorite!’ insisted a friend of the girl. Rosie took command over the fitting, confirming the audience’s affection.

“Everything fits gorgeous. Ok! Isn’t that so great?,” she called to the girl. “It’s called the Schloppy Joe! It’s from Billy Madison!” Rosie laughed as the group turned their attention toward investigating the different ways one could wear the dress and snapping photos. She noticed a young woman and her mother looking at dresses on the rack just behind her, and happily joined in the consultation. Laughing as much as she spoke, it was clear that Rosie Assoulin loves to be around the people for whom she designs– and not just her celebrity fans such as Michelle Dockery, Lily Aldridge, Solange Knowles, and most recently, Lupita Nyong’o. The Schloppy Joe gown, hilariously named and pictured here, could easily be imagined adorning any of these ladies on the red carpet at Cannes next spring.

by Mandi Summers

Featured Image via Man Repeller//Additional Images via Rosie Assoulin