We love the holidays but it’s the New Year we always look forward to celebrating. We hit that reset button and with the best of intentions, we try to keep our resolutions. I’ve found that I’m most successful in keeping my resolutions when they are realistic and with purpose. This year, we asked a few of our closest mama friends to share resolutions they have for themselves, their friendships, relationships and families. Real resolutions by real moms.

My big one is to have more uninterrupted, quality play time with my children. This means no iPhone in sight and no picture taking. Secondly, making time for more frequent date nights with my husband. Focusing on our relationship helps us to parent better and gives our children a role model for a healthy, loving, good relationship that includes compromises. Get our kids volunteering in the community. A priority for us is that our kids understand the needs of our community at a young age and know that it is their responsibility to take part in helping those in need. -Liz, Mama to Collins and Caleb
One that is very important and I haven’t done enough of is making time for myself each week- whether it’s getting my nails done, taking a fitness class, or just getting together with a friend- I’d like to make sure I have a set day and time for “me” time. -Sumera, Mama to Zara
To turn my dreams and passions into profit. To turn technology off for 24 hours every week. To be more mentally present with my child. -Alex, Mama to Asher
I’m starting to get really sad about maternity leave being over so I think my resolutions will be over the same vein of the beginning of motherhood: flexibility, honor (and forgive!) myself, and constant constant gratitude- especially on the hardest days. Self love all the way so you can send it to others. It helps me to have a morning and evening ritual of listing at least ten things I’m thankful for- usually it’s hard to stop at ten once I get going. Puts things in perspective and refocuses on how beautiful life is. -Sivanne, Mama to Ella
We’ll be working on being conscious on our consumption– healthy, sustainable, to not be wasteful, and to try our best to leave as little footprint on the environment as possible. I will be working on getting in shape. For real this time! –Karen, Mama to Matteo
To complain less and focus on more positive dialogue — it’s so easy for me to get pulled down a rabbit hole of complaining (and let’s be honest sometimes necessarily as therapy with other moms) but trying to curb that instinct and channel that energy into being thankful and grateful for healthy, (mostly) happy kids and the life we are creating for our family. -Gina, Mama to Nelly and Miles
My resolution for 2017 is to say “no” more so I can be more intentional with my time and focus on what is most important in family and business.  If it’s not a “Heck YES!” then it’s a “no’! –Martha Lynn, Mama to Ford and Luke
Resolution for less screen time- it’s easy to get stuff done on my phone while Lilli nurses or to stay up late watching a movie, but being present and well rested have a much higher priority and value right now! Life gets crazy with a baby, but I want to make more time to check in with friends and family…preferably in person! Connecting with old friends, making new ones…investing in people and not things. There’s no app for that. -Kirsten, Mama to Lilli
I have a lot of friends that live out of town so I would say that having more phone catch up dates over texting marathons is something I would like to work on.  More date nights with my husband. Saying goodbye to my son’s BFF,  the pacifier. -Elizabeth, Mama to Maxwell
One of my goals is to take up tennis again. I also will read a minimum of one chapter of my current book each night. -Lucia, Mama to Juan, Cristina and Sara
Fire it up!  After years of marriage and children, cozy socks, big baggy pjs, a couple of kiddos between us and children’s books have replaced those nights where we used to snuggle, talk, and laugh – just us.  Date night needs to make a comeback! Staycations too!  And of course….making dates and scheduling intimate time.  It’s the only way with such a hectic schedule. We also limit T.V. to no more than 30 minutes a day during the week (rainy days excluded) and if we buy toys, it’s something they can use outside.  Raising a flock of hens, gardening, go-karting, biking, swimming, throwing a ball in the yard, taking walks, or lighting  a fire on the patio for some smores is not uncommon in our home.  We have plans to try to camp more at different state parks in Texas next year (tent camping minus a blowdryer and makeup -Yikes!) -Renee, Mama to Devon, Erin, Cameron, Robbie and Ryan
Get professional photos taken of my son- now that he’s sitting up its time to get a move on before he gets a move on… Start a book club! I’ve been meaning to do this forever and it gives me an excuse to incorporate something I love back in to my lifestyle and ensure I’ve got specific friend-time on the books each month. Incorporating some of my favorite pre baby activities back in to my lifestyle – adjusted to accommodate for having a baby. Namely yoga and cooking. I’ve realized you don’t have to spend an hour at a studio for it to count – 20 minutes of home practice is better than nothing at all and a half cooked home meal is better than an all uber eats delivered meal. -Elizabeth, Mama to Van
Travel more! It’s easy to stay grounded with a new baby but it’s time we find our wings. Road trips, camping, and showing Bowie snow and the ocean is at the top of my list for 2017. Teaching Bowie Spanish! I’m pretty rusty so I plan to learn with him. Getting back into my workouts. It’s hard to believe I used to work out 3-4 times a week and ran a marathon just two short years ago. It’s time to dust off the running shoes and get back out there. -Cristina, Mama to Bowie
This is hard….. It’s hard because I grew up Catholic and I have my own personal views on religion. My husband wants to attend church and I don’t. But I will try to make an effort, for him. Having a kid at such a young age made my son’s and I relationship different. I may be hard on my son at times, but I just don’t want him to make the mistakes I did or worse. So this year, I’m going to let the past be the past and move forward. Hold no grudge. Let him be him. -Marisa, Mama to Aden