It’s true. 10 days. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. When I think back to that day two years ago , we did everything right. And by right, I mean it felt right to us. It was so much more about the marriage than the wedding and due to the timing (which was due to the fact that I was 11 weeks pregnant), once a decision was made, it was final. No take backs and no regrets.

But let’s start from the beginning. Michael and I were engaged in March of the same year. Neither one of wanted a big wedding and talked in length about eloping, but knew at the end of the day, we wanted our family and friends to celebrate with us. It wasn’t until that fateful day in October that I took my third pregnancy test (the first two were negative) and saw the double lines. After yelling for my sister (or did I text her?) to come to my room immediately, Sara and her husband were staying with us at the time because of home renovations, she confirmed the tests between some screams and jumps, and I raced to Michael’s work to tell him. After many happy tears and sitting on it for two weeks, we decided to get married before the baby would arrive.

Then it was go time. Every time I look back through our photos, I cry. A teeny, tiny wedding with the biggest of hopes. Here’s to #2, my love.

Book the venue immediately. When it came time to book a venue, we knew St. Cecilia was our place. We celebrated my 30th birthday there and our engagement. We called and asked what dates they had available in the next two weeks. November 20th, a Friday was the only available day. Done.

Research photographers and make sure you love their aesthetic. This was the first time I had worked with Alysha Rainwaters and knew after meeting her the day of the wedding, we’d be good friends. She was immediately a part our family and has remained so, shooting our maternity, newborn and later this week, some family photos.

Decide on a dress, find a seamstress and beg. I ordered roughly 12 dresses online and ultimately decided on this $300 bridesmaid dress from BHLDN because it was comfortable and required the least amount of alterations. My seamstress laughed when I told her I would need the dress in 5 days but she hustled!

Rings. My engagement ring is by local jewelry Shaesby and we knew we wanted our wedding bands to be made by them as well. After lunch on 2nd street, we walked into Eliza Page and walked out with two Shaesby wedding bands. It was fate.

Decide if invitations are necessary. For us, they weren’t. With 32 people in attendance, we called everyone as soon as our venue was booked to ask them to save the date and share the news of our pregnancy. They had 9 days notice and everyone but one person made it.

Choose a theme, or don’t. Our venue was beautiful without any additional decor so we knew we didn’t need much. We used their chairs, got married on a beautiful rug, hung white linens over a tree, and called it day. We used their linens, their place settings, and brought in only a few personal touches like gold balloons, diy watercolored menus, and a diy cake topper for our cake by Polkadots.

Source local flowers. Carly of Margot Blair made my flower crown because she is queen of flower crowns but my sister, my mom and I made the bouquets and boutonnieres from florals we picked up that morning at Austin Flower Company.

Music. We loved piecing together a playlist based on memories. Spotify, for the win.Book your glam. Called my go-to makeup gal Laura Martinez and booked her immediately. I had my hair done a few days prior at Mirror Mirror and decided my blowout looked good enough. I curled my hair the day of and stuck the flower crown on minutes before we took photos.

Last Supper. We didn’t have a rehearsal dinner but rather invited anyone that was available and hungry to meet us Matt’s El Rancho the night before. Michael then had a second bachelor party that night at a bar near our house but that’s another story for another blog post. Decide on vows. There are plenty of options online or you can choose to write your own. We pieced a few together but our dear friend who married us, interpreted them and with a few surprises made them even more special.

Plan an after party even if you’re pregnant and can’t drink. Donn’s Depot has always been our spot (remember this?) so that was a no-brainer. Donn cleared the dance floor and serenaded us to At Last, a moment I’ll never forget. We finished the night in an uber driving thru Whataburger. Because this is us.