While traveling can be a sweet release, full of good food, adventure, and instagram-worthy moments, getting out the door can be a major source of stress. As you plan your last of the summer getaways for Labor Day weekend, we put together a guide to help you get from your bedroom, through TSA, and on to your dreamy destination as painlessly as possible.

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1. Control your cords, control your life.


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2. Pick a palette and stick to it- test out that capsule wardrobe lifestyle.

(More on capsule wardrobes here!)


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3. Invest in a chic + functional weekender.


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4. …and a great tote for your en route essentials.


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5. Roll, don’t fold!


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6. Roll delicate clothing around a dry cleaning bag to prevent wrinkles


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7. Keep delicate necklaces tangle free by threading one side through a straw.


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8. Use a scrap of leather or cloth to keep earrings together.

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9. Keep a pack of travel sized goodies ready so you can grab and go.


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10. Sign up for TSA Pre-check and skip the brutal 5 a.m. security line.

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