When I think back on 2019, it’s all a blur! A good blur, but a blur-where did the year go? We experienced so many firsts with our baby Grey and so many new adventures with our big boy Bowie. Milestones, birthdays, celebrations, so many highs sprinkled in with a few lows, all the while learning, growing, and navigating life as a family of four. One part of our life I’m so grateful for is our dear friend, Heather Gallagher, who has spent the last year with us documenting so many of these special moments for us as part of her year long subscription service we signed on for in 2018. Sharing a few of our favorite photos throughout.

It’s hard to put into words, much less a title for a post, what Heather has meant to our family this year. The comfort our boys feel with her radiate through the images-there are no fake smiles, there are no staged moments because that’s not Heather’s style. Instead, she captures the in-between moments that are really and truly us. Moments I don’t even know happened until I see the folder of photos because she’s quick but more importantly, she’s instinctual. This comes from the past year of being with us, earning the boys’ trust and friendship, and knowing how our family moves and plays and loves.

When I look back on these photos, I can’t help but get emotional. How our family has grown! From my very personal boudoir maternity shoot, to our hospital photos at Grey’s birth to his first birthday and all the moments in between, I love that I have these moments to look back on when life is moving at such a fast pace these days. When I think back to my pregnancy and want to remember my big belly, I have photos of it in all it’s glory! When I want to remember the moment our boys met in the hospital for the first time, I have photos of that. When I want to remember how much my boys loved on my parents and vice versa, I have photos from our multi-generational shoot. And when I want to remember the moments of just us, a family of four enjoying a lazy morning at our favorite coffee shop, I have those too. What Heather’s customizable package has allowed us to do is be present in these moments and we will always be grateful for this.

If you are considering having a year in your life documented by Heather then now is the time to book. She is only accepting a small handful more of families in 2020 for this service and from now until January 31st, she is offering 20% off all of her fully customizable year long packages. That’s a savings of up to $1,800! And because Heather is as down to earth as they come, she offers interest free payment plans upon request. Just mention “Lovechild” when inquiring and the offer will be applied upon booking. Contact Heather here