One of the best parts of pregnancy is the freedom to dress comfortably with no guilt. But how to dress in comfort without losing your sense of style? That’s the hard part. My game plan was always to buy a few layering pieces, some maternity and some non-maternity, and then get creative with my pieces I had in my closet.  A jumpsuit could serve me in all stages but staples like jeans would have to be maternity. Lucky for you and me, brands like Madewell carry the cutest maternity jeans but also plenty of non-maternity pieces that can carry us through those long nine months like this adorable pink dress with plenty of room to grow. I teamed up with Madewell to showcase a few of my favorite pieces from the line, some maternity, some non-maternity, but all effortless, stylish, and comfortable. What more can a preggo ask for? Photos by Paige Newton

I lived in these Over-The-Belly Skinny Jeans in Black Sea

The Pink Fleu Bow-Back Dress has an open back allowing the dress to grow as you grow!