Not to be a downer but the things I really want for my 2nd Mother’s Day aren’t in the cards. Trip to Mexico? Threat of Zika. Sleeping in until 10? I now wake up naturally at 6:20am. Lounging in bed and watching reality tv while I enjoy an almond milk latte? We’re staying with my parents for a remodel and I have a toddler. Really, really good red wine? I’m pregnant and would never open a bottle to only have one glass. I have no willpower. So instead, I am giving myself permission to focus on more materialistic things. I mean, if I must, right? A few things I’m quietly pining for this Mother’s Day (as I tag my husband). What will you be asking for or indulging in this Mother’s Day?

Fawny Pack by Fawn Design

Love Child Mama Hat

Thatcher Big Mug


Mothers Are Magic Tee

Parachute Linen Venice Set

Milk + Honey Everything Oil

Krabi Jamdani Wrap Dress

Clare V. Alice Maison Tote Bag

ADIDAS Adilette Sandal