This feature has been well over a year in the making. Between schedules and raising babies, it’s difficult to coordinate three working mamas. I’m so glad it finally happened because Hawk + Sloane is not only a brand you want to know, but the partnership between Candice and Hollie is so inspiring. Candice Romo and Hollie Siglin are the founders of Hawk +  Sloane, named for both of their first born sons, Hawkins and Sloane. Hawk + Sloane is a line of sprays designed to, “conquer parenthood,” including a Sleepy Spray, Soothie Spray, and even a Sassy Spray (more on that one below). It’s not easy to work with your best friend (while juggling 6 kids between the two of them) but these gals make it look like a dream. For more on Hawk + Sloane, follow along on their instagram.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your family?

Hollie and I both grew up in the Dallas area and played golf together in middle school! Both of our parents still live in the area and our families have settled in right where we grew up! Hollie has a background in real estate and I have a background in broadcasting, both of which have groomed us to co-found our small business Hawk + Sloane.

What inspired Hawk + Sloane?

Hawk + Sloane was co-founded with my best friend Hollie Siglin and I, currently consisting of six different children’s sprays. Sassy Spray is how it all started when I mentioned to Hollie that I read a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar on the tongue would help with biting, potty mouth and talking back. From here, we thought putting it in a spray bottle would make it easier as a mom on the go. Once we had success with it and realizing there wasn’t anything like it on the market, it was important for us to share it with other parents! That was when the fun of Hawk + Sloane began!   One of my favorite sprays is Soothie Spray – it is one of my go to gift for friends with newborns and now it is the #1 used spray in my house right now! It is a miracle worker and game changer when it comes to avoiding diaper rash!

Let’s talk business partners! Going into business with a friend can be so scary and you guys have been friends since middle school! How did you know this partnership was a good fit?

Hollie and I have been best friends since middle school and really reconnected back in Dallas with our kiddos. “Mom friends” are also the best friends and we really leaned on each other for help, suggestions and to share creative ways that we had to make mommy-hood a little easier! I guess you can say we took our best friendship, to best mom friendship to a “mompreneur friendship!” Ha!

How did you decide what roles each partner would take on?

Even before we started Hawk + Sloane, we both had our strengths/niches! You will find Hollie running numbers, analyzing best routes and strategies, researching new ingredients and sharing stories of other successful start up business owners! I love the design and creative side of it… you will find me brainstorming packaging, continually coming up with big ideas, designing and coordinating events for Hawk + Sloane, social networking and overall the look, style and feel of our sprays! It’s like Hollie is the left brain and I am the right brain!

You are both mamas of 3. How do you balance being present at work and present at motherhood?

I think that is why we are successful. We are both moms. We understand the carpool, sports and activities so we tend to have similar schedules. Hollie and I try to be creative finding time to work without sacrificing family time. We often work out together after school drop off and get a lot done there!

Candice, you recently had your third baby, Jones. Congrats! What did Maternity leave look like for you?

Yes! Thank you so much! Jones is already a couple months old now and time flies! I am very thankful that I get to stay home with my kiddos and have the opportunity to have a small business too! I love being able to enjoy mommy-hood and be at home with Jones, but also help spread the word on how Hawk + Sloane products are conquering parenthood ‘one spray at a time’ in between naps and feedings!

How involved are your kids in Hawk & Sloane?

Hawk (“Hawkins”) is my firstborn and is 5. Sloane, also 5, is Hollie’s second (Hollie’s oldest daughter, Piper is 7 and she has a younger son, Crew who is 2; I also have a younger son, Rivers, who is 3 and newborn baby boy Jones). We had the same due date with Hawk and Sloane and they do everything together, so without them, Hawk + Sloane wouldn’t exist! They love the sprays (well most of them )… the best is when our kids ask for sprays at bedtime or we hear them tell their friends to use a certain spray! Our children have really helped us shape our products to be kid friendly!

You’re both based in Dallas. What is a typical weekend day like in each household?

Right now we both have kids old enough to be involved in LOTS of activities! Weekends for the both of us are really family-oriented. You will find us at the kids’ games, enjoying being outdoors and really just soaking up the time playing with them before Monday strikes again!

What’s next for Hawk & Sloane?

Our main goal right now is to focus on our retailers and increase availability at stores across the nation. We are in about 75 locations mostly in the southern region of the US and we would love Hawk + Sloane to be found on the East and West coast soon! Long term goals would include introducing several more sprays (we are in the process of testing some really cool new sprays) and our DREAM would be to be found in some big box stores such as Target and Nordstrom (two of our favorite hang out locations!)