The day after Christmas can come with some heavy guilt. You start thinking about the possibilities of the New Year and realize that some of those unrealistic goals/resolutions you made last year weren’t exactly met. Guess what? We are in the same boat and have made a conscious decision to let that guilt go. Gone are the days when resolutions are focused on losing weight or making money and here to stay are the goals that encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy balances. And self-care! We are quickly unfollowing the accounts that are making us feel less than and it’s so freeing! We asked a few mama friends to share what 2019 will look like for them and their answers are both uplifting and aspiring, exactly the attitudes and types of friends we plan to surround ourselves with in 2019.

Photo by Alysha Rainwaters

I am making a resolution to remove as many harmful chemicals from my household as possible. This is already something I have been mindful of and working on slowly piece-by-piece. So I feel like the New Year is the perfect time to do a big cleanse. From surface cleaner, to food, to face wash. We have to be vigilant about checking the ingredients in the things we bring into our home and expose our loved ones to – Danielle of Olivia + Ocean

Make time to take myself on a date once a week. I devote so much tim to making sure I have a date night with my husband, and the work gets done, and my daughter gets time with me that I never spend anytime alone – except for when I’m working. Whether it’s a movie, dinner or just sitting down to read a book, I’m going to make more time for myself – Denise of Partake Foods

My intention for 2019 is to appreciate the small moments, celebrate the people who make me happy, and cultivate the things that bring me joy – Kaileen of Celebrate Cultivate 

One goal/resolution is to sit down and have dinner with my kids regularly! – Tia of Nash & Cally

I read an article that inspired me to make my resolutions monthly instead of year-long, the idea being that you quickly loose track of an annual goal because it’s just too daunting of a time period. So I have several, but the first two are to brush up on my Spanish—perhaps by listening to Slow News in Spanish—and to start playing the piano again. I’ve found that I’m not very good at meditating, so I’m hoping piano will take the place of that kind of mental exercise. As for actual exercise, who am I kidding? – Stirling of Half Pint Travel

I am moving all of my social media apps off of my home screen and charging my phone in the kitchen at night instead of my bedroom. That way I can be more present and minimize screen time – Marnie of Mod Fitness

My resolution this year is a bit of a spin on last year’s. Last year my resolution was “there’s a plan for that”. I’m so spontaneous and not at all naturally a habit or routine person. In some ways it can serve me, but with kids I was realizing how much I needed to plan things in advance and be less about “winging it”. It’s been a huge for me and so this year my resolution is to really be mindful about creating routines that serve our family. How do we make the most of our mornings, evenings, weekends, and the fringe hours? – Jen of The Effortless Chic

n 2019 I am going remember to make the space to breathe. This is something I am really trying to work on by myself and with my kids. When things get too hectic it helps us to take a breath and focus on each other and the little moments – Kelly Colchin

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to work on friendships. I’m going to plan to spend time with people I care and care about me. Same with people I really like or share things in common so I get to know them better and deeply. But I’m going to set realistic goals, I know I can’t meet with them every week so I’ll plan for once a month for instance…  – Pamela of Classic Childhood

2019 goal: find more time to balance work, life and HEALTH! – Annie Lin of A Little Bundle

One of my goals for 2019 is to put my phone away when I’m with my daughter. Landline anyone? She is growing up so quickly and I want to make sure I’m as present as possible for every little milestone. – Sara of Sara Hussey PR

But, for real, in 2019 we want to put roots down in the Austin area and connect with our customer base here via playdates, mom’s night out and partnering with brands that are local!

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