We are so excited to introduce you to Sentrel, Austin’s new natural beauty store. A place where everything is natural and organic, environmentally sustainable, and cruelty free, also known as the Sentrel Principle. No need to check labels because owners Sarah Bensley and James Allan Bryant  have approved every single product. We sat down with Sarah and James and talked about everything from the inspiration behind opening Sentrel, what products are best for your children, and a must-have every postpartum mama needs for their hair! Come see for yourself next Tuesday, December 5th from 6-8pm when we co-host with Hello My Tribe  for the ultimate Mama’s Night Out. Swag bags, discounts, and pre and postnatal hair care packages. RSVP here 

1. What was the inspiration behind opening Sentrel?

It all began with our own personal health issues. We ​started researching higher quality products after each of us ​battled health issues. My partner had Hodgkins Lymphoma and I had irregularities with my​ lymphatic system. When it became clear there was a need for a beauty store the whole family could trust, we ​decided to open Sentrel. Sentrel is named after the phonetic spelling of the word “central”, meaning ‘of the greatest importance; principal or essential’. We know that to maintain your style and hygiene the products you use are essential. We wanted to provide high quality products that perform without sacrificing our health, animals and the environment so we created the Sentrel Principle – the test for which all ​products must pass in order to be sold at our store.

2. We love that you don’t have to read ingredients when you walk into Sentrel – what are some of the top selling/favorite brands?

Thanks! ​Kevin.Murphy is a well known natural line that is very eco friendly and works incredibly well. It’s really popular and is easily a best seller. Eufora is a really unique, there line doesn’t use any water – ZERO! Instead, they utilize pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera as the base which is amazing for your hair and skin. While its main purpose is for your hair, most of the care products work really well on your skin. Also, the ​first skincare line we’re decided to carry​, Meow Meow Tweet, is an instant hit. Its a really simple, small batch, skincare line from Brooklyn. There is a very short list of ingredients on every product and they work and smell so great.

3. One topic that is often overlooked when you’re pregnant is how to care for your hair. With the change in hormones, hair can become thin, more frizzy and even unrecognizable. What are some of your tips for hair care during pregnancy?

B​ecause all of Mama’s nutrients are going to the growing baby, supplements are a necessity to bring back or maintain your hair and skin. Hair is essentially excess protein, whatever your body isn’t absorbing goes to hair and nails. Every strand is primarily composed of protein, which is made up of amino acids. ​If you’re not getting your daily recommended dose of protein or amino acids, ​you must supplement with diet, vitamins, and/or hair products. Eufora’s line contains 20 of 25 amino acids required by the body, and 7 of 8 essential amino acids. Iron and Omega-3 Fatty Acids also play a vital role in skin and hair, so be sure that you’re getting your daily recommended doses.

4. Personal wellness often takes a hit after baby is born, including maintaining your hair. Do you have any simple tips to help give life to postnatal hair?

When you’ve got a newborn, the last thing you’ll have time for is a time consuming regimen. Keep it simple with a solid foundation: moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner. You’ll probably be doing a lot of air-drying which generally lacks volume, but braids and twists are an easy way to add something if you’re looking for simple ways to style. If you’re prone to frizz- a good curl cream will do wonders, if you have frizz without the curl, a leave in cream/lotion will help tame the fly-aways.

5.  At your grand opening, we discussed children’s hair care and products. There is so much talk about products we are putting on their bodies that we often overlook what we are putting in their hair and on their scalp! What are your favorite hair and skin products for children? James, you have a 6-year old son – does he have any favorite products?

Eufora has an amazing hair and body cleanse, Aloetherapy. Use it from head to toe for incredible moisture and its extremely gentle and amazing for skin sensitivities for anyone in the family. Parents Magazine named it as the Mom Knows Best Beauty Award Winner.  James’ son​ loves Eufora as well as Yarok’s Feed Your Youth for his son’s​ scalp.

6. Your storefront and online store are officially open! What’s next for the Sentrel brand?

We plan to continue searching for product lines that fill the needs of our customers and align with our mission. We are looking for small batch, innovative lines that we can introduce to our audience. We’ll ​also be developing Sentrel’s in-house line of ​of lifestyle products.
Photography by Taylor Prinsen