A bra you can wear all day, with underwire-like support without the underwire, eco-friendly, and nursing bra options? I mean this list is everything we’ve ever dreamed of from a bra company and thanks to Meer, an Austin-based company, it exists. When a friend mentioned Meer to me, I immediately went online to learn more and after chatting with owner Adriana Arispe, and learning they had recently released a nursing bra, I was in.  Their advertisements feature women of all sizes. They feel real, modern, and fresh. Not your typical lingerie campaign but that’s the point.  Just as we’ve continued to dedicate ourselves to eating whole foods and wearing cleaner beauty products, we can now add lingerie to this list. Meer bras are made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. As it states on the Meer website, let’s feel good while looking good. We sat down with Adriana who shares how Meer came to be, why it was important to show all sizes in their campaigns, and what we can expect from Meer, today on Love Child. All photography by Brandon Hill
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What was your journey like to Meer?

My background is in Marketing. I worked for a couple B2C’s before going to grad school at UT Austin. Matt (my husband) and I met when he first moved to Austin. He was working in IP at the time. I think both of us were getting restless with the 9-5 and wanted to be doing something we were truly passionate about. After a while of being married and realizing we both have this shared vision for design and functionality, as well as products that do some good in the world, Meer was born.

What was the inspiration behind starting Meer?

To me it seemed strange that many women, including myself, have relied on underwire bras for so long. I used to take off my bra the second I got home because underwires are uncomfortable. But that didn’t mean I didn’t want to be wearing a bra or feel supported. So, Matt – being an engineer who loves to tinker with things – took it upon himself to try and re-engineer the bra. He would literally go out and buy cheap bras and panty hose, come home and cut and sew pieces together, until we found a design that really worked.  

We love the diversity that is shown on your website. It’s not overly sexy, your models are real women and it’s easy for the customer to see themselves in your products. Was this intentional?

As someone who has struggled with body issues, I agree that it’s important to show beauty comes in many different forms. Honestly, the women that we’ve worked with have all been people we respect and admire. Some are longtime friends, some we were introduced to by longtime friends, and others we met randomly and hit it off. True beauty shines from the inside out and we’re grateful to work with some truly amazing people.

As women, we are constantly multi-tasking! We love the focus on a bra you can wear all day. Did this come out of a personal need?

If I ever got to the gym and realized I forgot to pack a sports bra that day, I’d skip the workout. It’s uncomfortable to run or boulder or do yoga, or be at all active, in a bra that doesn’t move WITH your body.

The expectation in the bra industry is that women buy bras for every occasion. But why? Women wear many hats, we live multifaceted lives. And we shouldn’t have to plan our day around our bra. The idea that you can wear one bra all day, regardless of what your day looks like, stemmed from this notion. 

Meer bras combines fashion, function, and is eco-friendly. Were these always the cornerstones to your business?

One of our main ethos since the very beginning has been – Feel good, look good, do good. The apparel industry accounts for 10% of the world’s total carbon footprint and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second to big oil. We wanted to completely reinvent the bra without sacrificing aesthetic or function, and at the same time we felt a responsibility to do it in a way that’s environmentally conscious.

Thank you for including a modern (and cute!) nursing bra! Why it was important to include a bra for mamas?

Yes! Our goal is to empower people at every stage of life. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a cute nursing bra that isn’t outdated or bland. Just because a woman becomes a mother, doesn’t mean her sense of style goes out the window.

What’s next for Meer? 

More functional clothing, not just bras! We believe you should be able to start and end every day without needing a change of clothes. Gym, work, class, and everywhere in between.

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