Barre shakes. You know the ones. The one where the move seems easy enough in the beginning, only to cause uncontrollable shaking in every muscle in your body after a mere 30 seconds. But, we keep going back because it feels that good. That’s exactly how The Barre Code Austin owner, Cami Kirschner felt while living in Chicago and adopting their workouts as part of her wellness routine. So much in fact, that Cami and her husband decided to move her family to Austin to open The Barre Code studio. We sat down with Cami to ask her why she chose Austin, how her family stays active, and as The Barre Code celebrate it’s one year anniversary this week, what’s next for the studio? If you’re in Austin, join The Barre Code Austin as they celebrate their one year anniversary this Saturday, June 24th from 10am-2pm. Classes, complimentary braid bar, backyard bbq, and lots of giveaways. Sign up here to attend.

Why Austin?

I like to joke that Austin chose us.  I grew up in Wisconsin, went to college in Vermont, lived in New York and prior to moving to Austin, Chicago.  Basically, I spent the first 35 years of my life cold!  My husband, Michael is from the Northeast and went to college in Upstate New York, again, cold!  We were living in Chicago when I discovered The Barre Code (it started there) and it quickly became part of my physical wellness routine. I was immediately drawn to the community of women at the studio, the way the workout made me feel and the strong women’s empowerment message. As a leap of faith, Michael and I decided we wanted to open a new location of The Barre Code and move our family to a new part of the country. When we began contemplating whether or not this was the right opportunity for us, we knew it had to be somewhere other than where we were currently living and out of the cold.  Having always lived in the North, we both have always had an itch to live in a region that would offer us more outdoor activity and/or warmer weather.  Originally we were targeting the Denver / Colorado or Southern California markets but as we got further along in the process, those regions weren’t available to us.  The Barre Code offered us Austin as they thought it would be a good market for the concept.  When they proposed the idea, I had never stepped foot in the state of Texas!  After a series of decisions, we decided to take on the challenge and move here.  Thus far, we love it.  It offers our family a quality of life that we were looking for!  We are so excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Barre Code Austin this month!

Has wellness always been a priority in your life? What does your personal wellness routine look like?

Absolutely!  From a young age I was extremely active – heavily involved in tennis, swimming, ballet, soccer – very little downtime!  When I don’t take care of my personal wellness, I get sick, a very evident causal effect!   In my adult life, my wellness routine is relatively straight forward:
1. Sleep! (ideally 7 hours)
2. Carve out time for myself to work out (barre code, hot yoga and spin are my favorite)
3. Therapy when times are tough!  I think it is important to have an independent outlet to speak to that can help you put things in perspective and give you coping mechanisms when life gets hard!
Lastly, a little pampering goes a long way for mental and physical rejuvenation – facial and massages!

You have two small children. Do they share your interest in leading an active lifestyle?

Mazie, 7 and Julian, 3.  If you ask my daughter if she would like to take a nap, she will answer “Mazie doesn’t sleep!” if that gives you any indication as to her level of activity!  Now that we live here and they can play outside year-around, I can’t imagine it any other way.  I don’t know what we did in the winter, other than bowl!  Mazie is on a swim team that swims outside all year, she rides her bike to school with her friends and does cartwheels around the house when she can’t sit still.  Julian also loves to be outside and is a maniac at the park.  He definitely has a more laid back personality but they are both very playful. One of the things I love most about The Barre Code (both as a client and now a studio owner) is their mission of finding strength from the inside out. It’s not about looking a certain way, but rather feeling strong both mentally and physically. I think it is important to show our children (especially our daughters) that being strong is beautiful.

How do you stay active as a family?

In Austin, we love to hike down to the Greenbelt in the Barton Hills neighborhood.  Really anything that involves water – trips to the beach, you will find us there until the sun goes down!  Snow skiing is also a family favorite.  We hope to get Julian on skis next year!

Any tips for families who want to be more active but don’t know where to start?

Honestly a really nice way to be active as a family is taking a walk around the neighborhood.  If you don’t have a dog it might sound strange but having moved from 2 cities where walking is a primary mode of transportation it was hard for us to get used to driving all the time.  We like to take walks as a family during that time after dinner and bath, but before bed.  The kids are in their pjs, the sun is almost down so it is a little cooler and it is a great way to get a little fresh air, burn off any extra energy and be together without the tv and personal devices before bed!  If our neighborhood wasn’t hilly we would probably bike more which is another great way to be active as a family.

Favorite quick and healthy dinner?

I love the healthy recipes on GOOP – 2 family favorites that are quick and easy are the Kitchen Sink Thai Fried Rice where you can make brown rice in advance and use any leftover veggies you have in the fridge!  And  Chicken and Cabbage Dim Sum

What does a typical weekend day look like in your family?

On the weekend’s we try to stay in bed a little longer!  We don’t allow our kids to sleep in our bed but there is nothing better than everyone cuddling in our bed in the morning.  If we eat breakfast at home, blueberry pancakes and bacon are a go to weekend favorite.  If we go out, breakfast taco’s at the Vera Cruz food truck at Radio Coffee!  On Saturday’s we usually go to the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market – listen to the live music, buy fresh produce, etc.  We try not to pack the weekend with activities.  We spend a lot of time outside in our yard, corn hole, sprinklers, catch!  If it is hot we will head to the pool.
Our favorite family restaurants are Matt’s El Rancho and Homeslice – nothing fancy:)!

June 24th is The Barre Code’s one year anniversary, congrats! What’s next for the studio?

This year has flown by!  It has always been our goal to bring the mission of The Barre Code to all of Austin and not just one area.  As the South Lamar location continues to grow we would love to expand our footprint.  It takes a village to run just one studio so we are moving slowly and acting deliberately to make sure we have a solid business before expanding.  In the meantime, we continue to pour all of our energy into building a community at our first location, launching new class formats, and adding new instructors to the team!

For more on Cami and The Barre Code Austin, follow them on instagram at @barrecode_austin