I’ve always loved Jen Staples personal style and was excited to see how it would evolve when she announced she was pregnant with her first baby. It’s not surprising that even at 37 weeks, Jen never wore the handful of maternity pieces that she bought. This is a great reminder that you don’t have to compromise your personal style when you’re  pregnant, you just have to get creative. It was only fitting to shoot Jen at the iconic San Jose Hotel in Austin where she works. Jen shares a few of her favorite non-maternity maternity looks with us. All photos by Alysha Rainwaters

When are you due?

Our due date is November 7th and we’re welcoming a sweet baby boy into the family.

Describe your personal style. 

Relaxed, casual. Done up, but not overdone. 

Has your approach to style changed during pregnancy?

Yes and no. I can’t say that I always dress for comfort. Pre pregnancy I owned many pants that totally ran the risk of busting at the zipper if I sat in them too long…ate a big meal…took in a deep breath…you get the picture. Needless to say, those were the first to go. Comfort became key around 20 or so weeks and luckily I had a solid collection of flowy dresses to fall back on. Still looking for that perfect shoe though! There’s a serious need for maternity footwear.

What have been your go-to wardrobe staples while pregnant?

I couldn’t have survived without this black linen work-wear dress from Day Space Night. From wearing it on it’s own, to layering with t-shirts, It’s been a solid go-to and I fully anticipate wearing it throughout the month of October. I have 2 other pieces from DSN, both silk flowy dresses that I’ve worn on repeat and do not tire of. They are simply the best.

Did you purchase any real maternity clothes?

I bought 3 pair of maternity pants and hated them. I forced myself to wear them a few times and have officially given up. Not my jam.

Describe your wellness routine. 

My wellness routine ebbs and flows (much like my hormones). I try to do what feels good in the moment and don’t try to over complicate or force any new habits or routines. Healthy diet and exercise are always the intension but I won’t beat myself up too much if neither of those happen on any given day. I’ve added acupuncture to my routine which has helped with a few aches and pains along the way, but more importantly has helped slow me down and re-focus.

Has your approach to wellness changed during pregnancy?

A lot of expecting mothers implement new rules and regulations, but I’ve thrown most of those out the window. I listen to my body and try to do what feels good, even if that means saying yes to dessert multiple times a day, or no to a party or social event. Listening to your body and knowing your limits is key. 

What are some of your favorite beauty staples you’ve loved while pregnant?

I’ve added body and beauty oils to my routine since being pregnant. Dr. Teal’s body oil with avocado oil for the belly, RMS beauty oil for my face and coconut oil for make up removal. All are light and absorbent enough to not leave a greasy aftermath.

You were glowing at our shoot! Any tips for mama’s in their last trimester who aren’t feeling quite like themselves?

That glow you’re referring to was blush and yes, I recommend it. Blush and water and rest! I feel like hydration is key to feeling your best.

What are you most excited about becoming a mama?

I’m most excited to meet and get to know this little man, watch him grow, explore and adventure through this crazy life together. All of this, alongside my husband John is what makes me most excited to become a mama.