It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of traveling logistics and the black Friday specials already flooding our inboxes and forget what Thanksgiving is really about. A time to acknowledge and thank the tribe that surrounds you, a time to reflect on what you do have in your life, and look toward the future. We asked a few mama friends to share what they are most thankful for this season.

This Thanksgiving, I find myself being thankful for my community of women. Without fail, they rally behind me and my crazy ideas offering advice, connections, their time and energy. They are generous, supportive, and always, always show up. I am also so thankful for my parents who never turn down an opportunity to see their grandson and for my retired mama who is always up for an adventure.  Cristina, Mama to Bowie

Each year, I find myself more and more thankful for my husband. He continues to surprise me with his undying support. I wouldn’t be able to achieve half of what I set out to do without him. He fills in the gaps when I can’t – whether it be the children’s bedtime routine, cooking dinner, or cleaning the house. He does those things with love and never harbors resentment. My husband is the greatest gift and I am forever thankful for him. Anna, Mama to Otto and Edie

I’m thankful for the health and happiness of my family which gives us the opportunity to open our hearts to others, lend helping hands, give our time and share our gifts with those less fortunate or those experiencing tough times in life. Liz, Mama to Collins and Caleb

I’m thankful for my husband. Now that Matteo has enter full on toddlerhood, with tantrums galore, I’m so thankful that I have such a reliable partner to share this crazy (but still adorable) load with. He keeps me grounded and focused on the big picture – he assures me M won’t be a neurotic toddler forever. He’s the most present father and I love him. Karen, Mama to Matteo

I’m grateful for my amazing dad who has dedicated his retirement to spoiling my daughter. From home made meals when she wont eat, to last minute babysitting requests, he is without a doubt always there for her. Im so thankful to have my parents just a phone call away especially after many years of them living abroad. Cynthia, Mama to Mina

It’s been a big year for us and I feel so much gratitude for all the growth and expanding energy I’ve experienced this year in my professional and personal life, although it hasn’t always been easy! I’m also thankful for many moments recently that have reminded me to stay present and mindful in my life, with my kids & family especially, and how magical and peaceful that can be when I slow down enough to just be. Sarah, Mama to Woods and Judd

I’m thankful for my mom and my aunts – they have been the most supportive group of women.  They have driven to Austin to visit us, cleaned my house when I was sick, sent pjs when Penn grew out of them so quickly, made us thoughtful dinners when we were in town, and the list goes on.  I could not have made it through this year with out them. Candice, Mama to Penn

I’m thankful that my son can spend time not only with his grandparents, but two sets of great grandparents. He is learning things from them that only they can teach, and it reminds me why I myself wanted to become a parent at a young(ish) age – to play an active role in my child’s life and hopefully his children’s lives. And let’s be honest – to have plenty of time to play for myself once kiddo goes off to college! Haylie, Mama to Boze

I’m grateful for my family near & far, my loving husband and this little baby that we get to meet in January! Sara, Mama to Be

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the delivery service Favor! When I am in a pinch, I can always count on Favor to deliver last minute groceries or our favorite meals right to our door in a timely manner. This allows me to spend more time with my family and be with my son. Marnie, Mama to Jack

This year (and every year) I’m so very thankful for the families who invite me into their lives. Whether it’s the birth of a child, a surprise wedding proposal or a family portrait with multiple generations (and everything in between and beyond). I cherish each opportunity to be able to document the love, laughter and light in moments big and small. Heather, Mama to Lee