There’s nothing we love more than a glimpse into the lives of people we admire. What’s in their bag? What books are they reading? What podcasts are they listening to? Maybe they know the one secret that could make a difference in our day, our business, our productivity, our wellness, or our creativity.

So today we asked, What’s in your makeup bag? 

Emily Waldmann, Bunkhouse Events

1. Glossier Boy Brow in Brown – this was a brow game changer for me. I will talk about this product with anyone that will listen. It gives you the perfect Brooke Shields brow and takes no more than 2 seconds. It’s made me want to order every other one of their products.
2. Gold Bobby Pins from H&M – I have super fine hair, so I haven’t used a hair tie in years. I usually pull my hair back in a mess of gold bobby pins, and call it a day. Since they’re gold, I convince myself it looks fancy.
3. NOVA Chakra perfume – out of NYC and smells amazing. They sell it at Hotel Saint Cecilia and after whiffing it every day there I had to purchase when I left. Bonus–I recently met the woman behind the brand and she is a total badass.
4. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick – this is my favorite drugstore lipstick. The best trick I learned when working early mornings was that if you’ve got a bold lip on, you can phone it in on the rest of your face and still manage to look put together. I’ve got this lipstick in so many different colors, floating around my makeup bag, jacket pockets, my car, etc.
5. Bare Minerals Bronzer – I like to think I’ve learned a bit more moderation than I had in the old fake n bake days when it comes to application, but I still think everyone looks a little healthier and a little happier when they’ve been kissed by the sun!
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Sel Rodriguez-Wienholt, Owner of Rodante Vintage

I live off of a simple and basic make-up routine, these are the only products I use on an everyday basis.
1. Make-Up Forever “Smoky Extravagant”– I love the comb, it gets to the tiny lashes and gives awesome volume.
2. Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream – It has everything you need in one product from complexion correct to SPF for the summer!
3. MAC Mineral Concealer– It works best for dry and sensitive under eye area; I am a tired working mommy and need the best product to conceal my tired eyes.
4. Nars “Orgasm Blush”– The name says it all 🙂 and it works with all skin tones, I live for this blush!
5. Nars Lipstick in “Barbarella” – The perfect pink hue, feels like a lip balm, and last all day.
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Avery Allen, Freelance Makeup Artist

1. SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 — Absolutely cannot live without this. I wear it under makeup, or on light makeup days this will be my base because it has a light tint to it.
2. Blinc mascara — perfect for summer (or anytime) because it does not budge or flake
3. Eyelash curler — Shu Uemura is my all time favorite and I’m never caught without it
4. Bronzer — I tend to go for a cream bronzer for the spring and summer months which blends in so well with the skin
5. Concealer — Another staple in my bag. I have a creamy formula for under the eyes and a more opaque formula for spot concealing
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Lauren Kelp, Founder of Lauren Kelp and Tablemakers

 I recently decided to make the switch to clean beauty and it’s been a super educational (by that I mean terrifying and eye-opening) experience, but it has also dramatically changed the contents of my makeup bag. Below are some of my favorite beauty products that were an easy swap because they work phenomenally well and have helped my skin immensely.

1. Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer  – this is the ultimate tinted moisturizer for warmer weather. It has 20 SPF so it gives you daily protection (but doesn’t leave your skin feeling slimy or oily), makes your skin feel amazingly soft, and gives it that light, dewey, no-makeup-makeup look we all love. It’s seriously my favorite tinted moisturizer I’ve ever used, PLUS it’s free of gross chemicals and a total win on the clean beauty scale.
2. ILIA’s Illuminator Highlighter – If you love highlighters, this is absolutely for you. Again, another clean beauty pick (I mean, why use creepy chemicals, when this works equally as well and isn’t full of scary stuff) and it’s like you’ve been kissed by the sun. It gives you a little pick me up and is perfect for warmer months.
3. 100% Pure’s Semi Matte Lipstick in Pink Canyon – I am a lipstick junky & when I found out they were one of the dirtiest beauty products, I threw it all out and started over. 100% Pure has some amazing shades and I love the Pink Canyon because it’s perfect for every day, or just to throw on when you need a light neutral lip. They also have some killer berry tones!
4. Beauty Counter Color Sweep Blush Duo – It’s the perfect blush/bronzer duo, and because I am indecisive I use both for that slightly tan, rosy cheek look. Again, super clean and I promise it beats the blush/bronzer combo you are using right now. Plus, it comes in a really cute package, which always makes doing your makeup a bit more fun.
5. Kopari’s Coconut Balm – So not only is this product super clean and amazing, but it leaves you smelling like a Girl Scout cookie. It’s perfect to throw in your makeup or gym bag & it’s quickly become one of my most reached for products. My skin feels so hydrated and I know that I am not rubbing in parabens, sulfates, or silicones (which is found in a ton of other lotions), so it’s really a win/win.
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Heather Gallagher, Photographer

I’ve always been very minimal with my make up/beauty routine. Mostly for lack of knowledge (I’ve never successfully used a curling iron) but it’s also my personal style to have a more natural look. That said, there are a small handful of products that I keep nearby at all times so I’m prepared for anything.

1. Glossier cloud paint (in beam): it is the perfect peachy pink color and it’s a buildable stain instead of a powder so it has a really nice dewey finish that makes me feel a lot fancier than I am.
2. Glossier generation G lip stick (in zip & berry): This lip stick is perfect for day to night since you can layer it to make it more dramatic or just do a light swipe for a hint of color. It’s also a matte finish which I personally love. My lips are really full and I’ve always been really intimidated by lipstick because I feel like I don’t know how to wear it in a way that looks casual but this stuff is foolproof.
3. Beauty Counter protect stick sunscreen, spf 30: I was just turned onto this brand from a friend who has been doing all the research that I should be doing on safer beauty products but am too afraid to do. This company bans some of the top harmful chemicals found in most American commercial products and while I know it’s not realistic for me to replace every single product with it’s safer counterpart, it’s a step in the right direction. This product in particular is one of those deodorant stick applicators which is super convenient for my mom bag life because I don’t need anything else that has the potential to leak in there! Also it truly rubs into the skin completely clear so I can use it on my face and not worry about that chalky look.
4. Any drugstore black mascara. Bonus points if it’s on sale. This is one product I’ve never been picky or brand loyal about for some reason. I’ve done the high end Nordstrom counter mascaras and tried about everything Sephora has the offer and I’ve never personally seen a difference from a $10 tube of CoverGirl from CVS so if it ain’t broke…
5. Aquaphor healing ointment: This stuff does everything! Talk about mom bag life, this is the ultimate all in one product that I always have on me (I actually keep a tube in every bag cause it’s that good). Great for dry hands, feet, lips, diaper rash and burns, fragrance free and so thick that it’s also (relatively) leak proof.
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