It’s hard to choose my favorites. Out of the 150 we’ve posted, each story, each photo shoot, every stolen smile captured is significant. It’s a shared moment between a mama and her baby, or maybe between the subject and the photographer that becomes a story that was meant to be shared. And I remember each one because like a baby, you are still in awe that this is real. Tomorrow marks Love Child’s one year anniversary. I started Love Child 3 days after I found out I was pregnant. I knew deep down, that if I was already this nervous about the impending changes headed my way, other women must feel the same. Would anyone read? Maybe, but that was truly never the goal. I mostly wanted to share what I had learned with my friends. And if I’m being really honest, I wanted the memories. My mother in law has Alzheimers and as I watch her memory slowly fade away, I find myself mentally logging each moment I spend with my family in hopes I will remember it forever. I know that’s an impossible feat though, so I write. We have Bowie’s baby book (that remains unfinished) with highlights and fun tidbits, but Love Child is also his baby book of sorts and for me, a journal through my years as a new mama and something I can share with my children one day. This is just the beginning of Love Child. Thank you to every contributor and to every reader. Thank you for every like, every share, every friend who has agreed to share a piece of their life with our audience. One year down! Photo by Heather Gallagher


As if I could leave you without sharing some of our favorite stories from the year.

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