I’m typically pragmatic with holidays, but Mother’s Day has become quite the exception. It takes all of my energy sometimes to get through the days of child rearing and yet time flies by, so it’s only when we pause as a society this one day a year to consider the magnitude of the role that I really reflect on how special it is that I am someone’s Mom. I need something to open and swoon over lest I get completely swept up in emotions and cry into my pancakes in bed.

This year, Mother’s Day #5 in my house, I feel more “in the thick” of this Motherhood stuff. I’m still supervising things like getting dressed in the morning and brushing teeth but wading into heavier territory like discussing racism and what it really means to be a friend. In the trenches now, I respect and strive to encourage fellow Moms more than ever, which is why my wish list features mostly women owned businesses, many of whom employ marginalized women as their makers.

Wear Bracha H Initial Card Necklace

Vickery Trading Co Women’s Lounge Pants

GAIA Mommy & Me Bags (Chester and Sunnie)

Gardenio April Starter Box – Veggie Grande

The Little Market Superwoman Candle

Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

Parker & Thatch Mimi Bag Camo and Glitter Stripe

Katie Kime The World is Your Oyster Pajama Set

The Muse Collection Child Masterpiece Art Experience