I had the pleasure of attending a panel last week with Danika Brysha of Model Meals, Bill Haley, moderated by Kelly Krause, host, author and influencer. The panel was titled, Creating The Life Of Your Dreams, as part of a series Kelly hosts with Lululemon called, In The Practice Of.  I originally went to support Kelly, who was going to be awarded as an ambassador of Lululemon after the panel. What I didn’t expect, was to leave inspired, motivated, and feeling more focused and confident in my life direction and in this blog than ever before.

Danika Brysha, founder/CEO of Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery service, a curve model with IMG Models, a self-care coach and boyfriend Billy Haley, a professional chef, stopped through Austin as part of their 8.5 month US & Canada road trip for their wellness and self-care focused events, The Brunch Series.” They say down with “In the Practice Of” host Kelly Krause to talk about how they each got their start and how we can all build and design the life we want to lead. What you wouldn’t know from a quick glance at this beautiful couple is the journey that led them to this place. Both in recovery (from food and drugs), they are honest and raw with their audience about how far they’ve come and what they do on a day to day to continue living the life they know is best for them. I left the panel feeling so inspired that I knew I had to share a few nuggets of wisdom with you.

Build Your Own Daily Self-Care Checklist

What do you want to accomplish that day, by the end of the day? Check in with yourself throughout the day. Start with a few things each day. As Danika says, A great life starts with a series of great days. 

Practicing Gratitude

Ask yourself, what are you thankful for? Then take care of what you have. Show love, give love.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

This was a hard one to swallow. All we want is sleep. I’m 6 months pregnant and know I’m about to lost more sleep but one thing I can work on is sleeping better. Less screen time, in bed earlier, shut down social media.

Monthly Goal

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this month? Knowing we have an end date can make giving something or adding something to your life much more attainable. Check in every day with this goal.

Shout Out Your Dream

The more people who know your dreams, the more people will be thinking about it, thinking about ways they can help you.

Unsure what it is you want to do with your life?

Spend a day by yourself. Plan this day with all of your favorite things. Write down what you’re doing, what you’re thinking about every 15 minutes. You most likely did all of your favorite things. Would you do these things for free? Because you love them? Focus on these things and you can’t wrong.

Write A Biography For Yourself in 5 Years

This is a strange practice but I totally believe in it. I found a letter I wrote to myself when I was a high school senior and so many of the things I wanted them have come true. Did I live in a Manhattan penthouse? No. But I did make it to NYC. Did I marry a guy with green eyes that looked like Ben Affleck? No. But I love my brown-eyed man. Am I raising children with my best friend? Sure am. Do I have my own business? Yep! The point is, I didn’t think about these things for 10 years while I was living my life but they continued to be the things I worked for without realizing it. Put it out in the universe.

Change the way you think.

Think you’re going to fail? That’s ok. Think you’re not worthy. Not okay. Teach yourself to shift your brain and quiet the other thoughts.

For more on Danika including a more detailed Daily Checklist, follow along on her blog. Also very excited to share that Model Meals will be coming to Austin this year!

Featured Image Photo by Kat Harris for Propel Women