Last year, I had a chubby 5 month old who slept through Thanksgiving. This year, we have a very busy 17 month old who loves being involved in every aspect from helping me cook to helping me set the table. When it came time to start planning Thanksgiving, I knew I had to consult the experts. And I’m so glad I did! Inspired by natural seasonal elements and a monochromatic color scheme of rust, tan, and cream, the ladies created the most whimsical (and practical) of tables for the younger guests complete with cafeteria-style trays, an activity, and a teepee. That teepee!

We’ve been fans of Loot Rentals owners, Anna and Rhoda, for a long time. Anna was our very first featured mama when we launched Love Child in 2016, and although we’ve heard the story many times, we always love hearing how these two sister-in-laws run their business side by side, all the while growing their family and business! They recently launched Loot Finer Goods, a home goods collection inspired by the many requests from their clients who wanted to take home the rentals. Anna and Rhoda thought of everything, giving us more time to sit back, relax and enjoy the day with the fam. Photos by Mack Eveland 

1. What was the inspiration behind the set up?

We wanted to create an interactive Thanksgiving kids table with a whimsical feel. We have had the cedar teepee in our rental inventory for years, but rarely see it used without the canvas. It is so beautiful on its own and creates the perfect structure to make a canopy of dried leaves and light strands. Kids love having a designated space to play in and this set up gives them that “hideaway”, while still allowing the adults to keep eyes on them. The decor was inspired by natural seasonal elements and a monochromatic color scheme of rust, tan, and cream. We used dried florals and leaves overhead instead of a fresh arrangement on the table in order to avoid any spillage. A simple dried sprig or feather tucked in the napkins brought a pop of color to the table setting. For the centerpiece, we arranged raw wooden beads and spools of cotton string doubling as a fun activity! 

2. Can you walk us through the elements that make this kid-friendly?

We made it a point not to have anything breakable or sharp on the tables. Instead of drinking glasses, we used copper mule mugs. Instead of using breakable dishes, we opted for melamine cafeteria trays – the kids also love these for keeping their food separated! We brought in a coffee table for the “dining table” so the littles could sit low to the ground on cushions and pillows instead of in a stiff dining chair. The rugs are super durable – cow hide and jute, which are stain resistant and can take spills. It was super important to us that we have some sort of activity to keep the kids engaged and it be something that had a purpose. Making festive garlands that they can re-purpose for the Christmas tree is a fun way to involve them in holiday traditions! We decided on unfinished wood beads for our garlands (easily found at a craft store or Amazon), but you could also go the more traditional route and do popcorn! We pre-cut string for each kid and attached fishing line to the end to easily string the wooden beads. The kids had so much stringing the beads and later made a game out of playing with their strands.

Please note: This activity is intended for children 3 and over with adult supervision.

3. Loot has had a big year. Rebranding, launch of Loot Finer Goods, and of course motherhood! How do you balance these really major milestones while being present as a mother?

We are so lucky to work with a great team of people that makes balancing everything so much easier. To keep up with the growth we’ve had this year, we’ve had to delegate some of our responsibilities to new team members, allowing us stay focused on the things that energize us and make us excited to go to work every day. Being able to hand off the jobs that are better suited for the experts (Public Relations, HR, Bookkeeping, and Logistics just to name a few!) not only takes stress off of us, but frees us up to be more present when we’re at home spending quality time with our families.  

4. As sister-in-laws and business partners, do you spend most holidays together? Who sets the table?

We do! Whenever we are together on the holiday we usually focus on the decor, foraging greenery from the backyard and arranging wild beautiful centerpieces. Occasionally we will even borrow from our rental collection to make it even more special. 


5. Any advice for having a stress-free holiday?

Mulled Wine! And… let the kids be kids! Its much easier to let them be free, run around with each other, and just have fun rather than having them sit through a formal dinner.