Pregnant mamas know, there are only so many things you can control during a pregnancy. Cravings, no. Emotions, no. Cankles, no. Making lists and packing bags, YES. So we overpack and people think we’re crazy but after nine ten months of being pregnant, you are entitled to bring whatever you want with you to the hospital. Nothing is off limits. Here’s our list.


For Mom

Overnight Bag-I packed one small suitcase for us and put the baby’s things in the zippered pocket

Robe-Buy an inexpensive one that you don’t mind losing in the process. I went with this one from Target

2 Comfortable pair of pajamas with button up tops (easy access for nursing)

Leggings and button up top (for day 2/3)

Flip Flops for the shower


I secretly loved the mesh panties from the hospital. I wore those instead of my own.

Nursing Bras or Sleep Bras (2)

Nursing Tank Top

Comfy cardigan (easy access for nursing)

Going home outfit for you. I packed a flowy t-shirt dress that requires no pants, so you know, freedom below.

Nursing Pillow. I didn’t end up using mine at the hospital but if you want to get familiar with it, take yours.

Lanolin,  bottom spray, maxi pads (hospital will give you some but after day 2, I wanted lighter ones), lip balm (mostly needed this during the actual labor), stool softener, prenatals. Nursing pads and gel pads were needed day 5 of nursing so I kept those at home.

Basic Toiletries

Towel-If you’re a comfort packer and like things from home.

Pillow including non-white pillowcase to avoid a hospital mix up. This is mostly for your partner.

Light Blanket. This is also mostly for your partner.

Waterproof bag for dirty laundry

Extra bag for misc. items or hospital extras (take everything they offer)

Eye mask, Ear plugs-Hospitals are noisy, sleep if you get the chance.

Bluetooth Speaker and charger. We love music so we used it throughout our stay.

Baby Book (for footprints and handprints). We went with this one from Anthropologie

Make a list of pictures you want. You and baby, baby and grandparents, etc. Give the list to a good friend and it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

A few snacks are good!

For Baby

2 Newborn Outfits

1 0-3 Month Outfits

Going Home outfit

Baby Blanket

2 of each-Socks, Mittens, Hat

2 Swaddles

Car Seat and Base

Let us know if we forgot anything!