My son Bowie’s first birthday is next month. I know it’s coming but I’m in total denial. There is no way we left the hospital nearly one year ago. How is that possible? What’s even more impossible? The number of first birthday parties we’ve attended since that warm June day. It seems now that we have a kid, we’ve been put on this master PR list. Last weekend, we maxed out at three parties and swore we would never do that again. We say that as I rsvp yes to yet another one. Each is so special and we truly want to be there. If not for the birthday babe, to celebrate the milestone with the parents.

With each party, comes gifts and I think, what would Bowie want? With his interests changing every week, it’s not easy to nail down a list. It’s not like when he was an infant and I could get by with throwing a few teethers or vibrating toys in the car and he was happy for hours minutes. He is now observant, thoughtful, and needs way more stimulation. It’s exciting and exhausting. And his friends, well, they deserve the same. We’ve rounded up a list of 14 gifts sure to be a hit at every party.