Two weeks until Father’s Day. If you’re like me, the fact that I’ve even looked ahead to my calendar that far is a miracle. Two weeks still leaves plenty of time for amazon prime-ing a gift but it also leaves time to consider a few more thoughtful gifts. Like making a photo book or taking Bowie to paint something for Michael. The options are endless! In order to minimize the options and really focus on a few great things, we included items for the coffee lover, art lover, local maker lover, you get the idea. A little something for every dad/grandfather/father-figure/mother you wish to celebrate on this day.

Carafe (with whiskey, of course)

Softcover Photo Book

Wireless Headphones

Turntable & Speakers

Monogram Apron

Key Chain by Noah Marion

Cast Iron Fry Pan

Pour Over Coffee Maker

My Dad Used To Be So Cool-Children’s Book

Izipizi Sunglasses

Austin Art Print, Limited Edition

Custom Cutting Board by DeMadera

Low Crown Gus Sun Palm Hat