Resolutions can be hard. The pressure and the struggle is all too real. While I like the idea of resolutions-I do well with long term goals-resolutions can make you feel like you have to lose something in order to fill a void elsewhere. Instead, I like to think of the New Year as a time to add something to my life. More music, more art, more family. Why not make a list of meaningful experiences and see if you are more successful in keeping those? My family and I decided to test this theory and created bucket lists for 2017. Michael and I each made one and then together made one for Bowie. Cheers to a fresh start in 2017!

Image by AnaMarisa Photography 

Bowie’s Bucket List

  1. Build a snowman
  2. Attend my first music festival
  3. Go swimming in the ocean
  4. Attend my first sporting event
  5. Go fishing with my Grandpas

Cristina’s Bucket List

  1. Learn Spanish (and teach Bowie)
  2. Grow a garden or home compost
  3. Pay off my student loans and be debt-free!
  4. Go on a honeymoon with Michael
  5. Volunteer once a month with Bowie

Michael’s Bucket List

  1. Show Bowie the magic of West Texas-family road trip!
  2. Dust off the running shoes and hit the trails
  3. Go fishing with my brother-in-laws
  4. Simply put, be open!
  5. Kayak trip with my boys