It’s funny how choosing a diaper bag can be so personal. Tote bag? Messenger Bag? Backpack? There are so many options available that there is one for every family and their specific needs. In fact, I  always enjoyed showing up to my mama and baby workouts to see that there were rarely any diaper bag duplicates. I first laid eyes on the Honest City Backpack when pregnant with Bowie. It was chic but so comfy and had just the right amount of pockets and zippers. I get intimidated by too many pockets – out of sight out of mind for me – and I’d end up losing things. It was our trusty bag for every day life but also perfect for traveling with or without kids. As Bowie grew, we no longer needed a diaper bag and could get by with a few diapers and wipes in my purse but once pregnant with Grey, I knew it was time to dust off the old backpack and give it another spin.

What exactly were the essentials I would need to keep in the diaper bag for two kids? This is again  different for every family and something we are constantly adjusting as they grow, but we have a list of every day essentials that live in the bag. For the most part, we try and keep our bag as light as possible.

A few more reasons we love the Honest City Backpack 

  • Made from 100% polyurethane vegan leather – NO toxic foams or PVC often found in diaper bags
  • Wipeable PVC-free lining ensures spills can be cleaned up easily
  • Structured design is both super functional and stylishly chic, whether being used for baby’s essentials or mom and dad’s necessities
  • Features a large insulated pocket for snacks or bottles
  • Five interior pockets keep you organized and de-cluttered
  • Included changing pad features a zippered pocket for wipes and other diapering essentials
  • Includes travel / storage bag for easy carrying and safe-keeping

As if that wasn’t enough reason to love Honest, your purchase helps fund access to safe products and advances in research and education that support healthy, happy lives for all. 

Photography by Heather Gallagher

Shot on location at Alexa James