When my son Bowie was around 6 months old, we started him on solid foods. A fun (and messy) time for everyone, we loved seeing what flavors he liked or disliked. Until I realized that I would have to feed this tiny human 3 (or 6) meals a day. At first, making his baby food was fun. I had my Beaba Babybook  which I still love and use today and would set his food to steam while I made my own lunch or dinner.  But as he grew, the more active and awake he was and our idle time at home was dwindling. He was on the move, and so were we. I needed healthy, on the go, snacks and like Target always does, it answered every prayer being the official stockist of Yummy Spoonfuls, a flash frozen, organic food for babies and toddlers. Recently voted #1 cleanest baby food in a pouch, the food is meant to be just as you would make it at home, no additives and no preservatives. Co-founder Camila Alves McConaughey stopped by  to share how Yummy Spoonfuls came to be, tips for getting your children invested in healthy food options, and how she balances being present at work and at home.

1. How did Yummy Spoonfuls come to be?

Yummy Spoonfuls is flash frozen, organic food for babies and toddlers. The company was founded by Agatha Achindu, who made all of her children’s baby food from scratch, in 2006. In 2014, after having my third child and being overwhelmed by making all the food and not understanding why was it so hard for us as parents to go to the store and pick up the most nutritious form of food for our kids, I went on the journey of starting a business in the middle of that a friend of mine introduced me to Agatha, as we shared a common passion for improving nutrition for kids everywhere – we decided to partner, join forces and make a change in the industry!

2. As a new mama myself, convenience is everything! But at times, convenience comes with sacrifice. Yummy Spoonfuls made sure this was not the case by freezing their pouches. Why was this important?

Our goal is to keep the food just like you’d make it at home – with no additives or preservatives. The food is gently cooked in small batches, and then quickly frozen at the peak of nutrition to keep the food fresh and delicious for your little one. If you wouldn’t have an ingredient in your kitchen, why would you have it in your baby’s food?

3. Packaging is also clear. Why was this level of transparency important?

It is important for us to show what’s in our food — the ingredients are key. You are seeing real food, and that’s reflected in the vibrant colors they retain. Recently, we were awarded for our transparency by the Clean Label Project, which named Yummy Spoonfuls the ”best in class” with the least amount of toxins or chemicals of any baby food sold in pouches, whether frozen, refrigerated or shelf-stable.

4. Many of our readers have asked about working with friends/partners. How did you know this partnership was a right fit?

Agatha and I grew up on opposite sides of the world but with a common thread – food was fresh-picked, alive and whole. We are both daughter of farmers! As mothers, we both share a passion for clean, foods, and feel that access to clean foods from an early age will set children on a lifelong path to health. We are both so passionate about our mission to really disrupt the industrial approach to kids food, that we had to join forces.

5. You’re both mamas! How do you balance being present at work and present at motherhood?

It is really a hard balance and it is no perfect answer here…! But one thing I practice and it has helped me a lot is to always have my priorities straight! If that’s in place by order of what’s most important to me then no matter what happens during the day I will always go back to that…it really helps the balance and harmony between the two. 

6. It’s easy to indulge during the holidays. Do you have any tips for getting your kids excited about eating healthier options?

Involve them in the kitchen! Let them get creative, messy and fun! But provide healthy options for them to create with instead of just baking cookies…! 

Explain to them what each thing do for their health and they will get a hang of it…and create a good balance! 

7. What’s next for Yummy Spoonfuls?

We are focusing on innovation and will have some exciting news to share next year — Stay tuned!

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