As the fall season inches closer and closer, we feel a need to suddenly give all of our attention to updating our wardrobes. We need those chunky knits, even if we live in Texas. It does feels good to purge though. Remember our post on capsule wardrobes? Why stop at your closets? Love Child Beauty Contributor, Avery Allen, is back to share her favorite beauty tools. Start the new season stocked with these makeup bag essentials. Featured Image Source

By Avery Allen

With so many beauty products on the market, picking out something simple like a pair of tweezers can become more daunting than you ever expected! In hopes of making this process a bit easier, I have gathered the best of 5 beauty tools I can’t live without. These tools are tried and true and favorites of professional makeup artists and consumers worldwide. Enjoy!



All eyelash curlers are not created equal! This one has a great shape that fits around almost all eye shapes. Curling you lashes helps open up the eye and instantly makes you look more awake. This is one tool I truly cannot live without! Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
I use these for so many different purposes! They are excellent for evening out a cat eye or cleaning up eye shadow that has fallen underneath the eye. It's also great for smudging out your eyeliner for a softer look. Q-tips Precision Tips
This is a brush loved by makeup artists world wide, and for good reason! It is the perfect size and can be used with powder or cream products to seamlessly blend out eye makeup. 217 Blending Brush
This makeup sponge has the ability to create a flawless finish that mimics skins natural texture. It ensures an even application and can help remove excess makeup as well! Beauty Blender
Just brushing up your brows can make a world of difference! I like one because it comes with an angled brush on the end to fill in your brows if needed. Eyebrow Grooming Brush