2016 was a big year! I launched Love Child on June 1st, 6 days before the birth of my son, Bowie. I had been working tirelessly on it since I found out I was pregnant in October, planning shoots, learning how to code (update-still have not learned how to code), interviewing, sourcing the best baby/mother products, etc, etc. I had months of content lined up prior to June thinking the machine would run itself while I was busy navigating the unchartered waters of first time motherhood. Famous last words. Not only was I thinking non-stop about breastfeeding, sleep training, the best swaddles…I could go on. I was also thinking non-stop about Love Child. A lot for a new mom to say the least. I tried to take as many notes as I could in the moment. What information would be helpful to a new mom? How could I make being a new mom easier for new moms? All the ideas seemed to come in those middle of the night feedings and totally gone the next morning. Did that happen to you?

Eventually I burned out and so I would go weeks or a month without a post. I was just too tired. But it was the best thing that could have happened. I realized how much I love Love Child and I missed it, the way you miss a good friend. It’s opened doors, created so many new friendships, and continued to be what it was originally intended to be, a place for information. What surprised me most, was based on the feedback from all of you, was that it was also viewed as a place for inspiration and aspiration. And so, as we welcome 2017, we’ve got some big goals and big changes on the way for Love Child. It will only continue to get bigger and better because of all of you. Thank you to Lauren Martin who built this site, thank you to Katie Jameson and all of the wonderful photographers, thank you to Mandi Summers, my amazing assistant and creator of 5 Things We Love This Week, and thank you to all the contributors and readers. Thank you all for being a part of it.

We leave you with some of your favorite posts from 2016.


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