I’m a professional bag lady. It’s part of the job. As a wardrobe stylist, I shop a lot, and try to avoid taking multiple trips to my car to drop off purchases. This buys me a few more minutes of daylight, but is usually at the expense of feeling in my right arm. Mom’s are also bag ladies. We love bags and more than that, we love putting bags inside of bags, am I right? Diaper bags, wet bags, swim bags, snack bags, all the bags. A few months ago I went to Gearapalooza and came across the Austin-based Austlen Baby Co. Entourage Stroller, also referred to in our house as, the stroller of our dreams.  With 30 + plus configurations, a chic design, cargo capacity of 150 pounds, this stroller would not only grow with our active family but could carry all the bags, and some.

We took the Entourage out for a spin at the local Farmer’s Market. The best part? No extra bags needed. The expandable market tote held all of our fruits and veggies and we stored any refrigerated products in our Yeti cooler.

The stroller has a 3-stage expansion as seen here. The lower storage area can expand to carry suitcases, coolers, etc.

When we are ready for baby number 2, Bowie will love riding on the jump seat or using the platform rider while we transform the seat into the bassinet function. For now, he loves the comfy seat and I love the available 5-recline positions and rotating arm bar. If you’re a twin mama, it has dual carseat compatibility.

The Entourage makes staying active as a family so easy for us. We pack up Bowie, our diaper bag, our Yeti cooler, and hit the road with everything we need, comfortably stored away.

For more on Austlen Baby Co., follow them on their Instagram page at @Austlen. All photography by Heather Gallagher