When it comes to metallics, no one does it better than PR and Marketing gal for Flash Tattoos, Kirsten Stoddard. Her adorable house is seemingly always party-ready with metallic pinatas, streamers for curtains, and a swoon-worthy gallery wall. And let’s not forget about the Beyonce-autographed Flash Tattoos, a collaboration that was due in large part to Kirsten’s marketing talents. Kirsten sits down with us to talk pregnancy style, raising a daughter (who’s collection of metallic dresses and accessories is growing and growing) and signature lip colors she can’t live without.

Describe your personal style.

I’d describe my style as a mix of minimalist prep meets modern vintage bohemian meets a sparkle and stripe addict, if that makes any sense at all! I like to keep the basics simple – clean lines with nothing too fussy but maybe a bit of embellishment or sparkle somewhere to spice it up. My whole wardrobe is essentially white, black, grey and navy blue with pops of pink and olive green..I like to be able to mix and match anything with everything. To spice up a pretty simple color palette,  I usually add my pops of color with lipstick, nails, or a fun shoe.


We need to know about your signature red lip. What shade do you wear?

Haha, oh my trusty red lip….it’s my favorite way to make yourself look polished and ‘done’ without doing a full face of makeup. My shade is “Russian Red” from MAC…it’s the best blue-red that I’ve found, and it legit will stay on all day. No joke. When I’m feeling something a little less classic, I’ll swipe on ‘Lady Danger’ by MAC. It’s a bright orange-red that adds some serious zing to your look, and I love it for summer and even fall.

At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

Have you enjoyed styling the bump or is it a daily challenge?

I’d say dressing the bump has been more of a challenge, but not because of the bump itself…more because of this Zika scare! Talk about a nerve-wracking time to be pregnant! So, while I would normally just go for comfy basics like flowy trapeze dresses or tanks with jean shorts , I’m trying to stay covered as much as possible when I go outside. Not an easy (or enjoyable!) feat when it’s already getting pretty toasty here in Texas!

At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

You work for a very cool company, Flash Tattoos, and have a very cool title, public relations and marketing manager. Can you describe your job for us?

It’s mulyi-tasking at its best! Working for a small company, you constantly have your hand in a lot of different cookie jars. There’s a little bit of everything – working with editors and bloggers on stories, coordinating partnerships and promotions, designing all the marketing messaging, managing social media, keeping the web content fresh, planning budgets and strategies, brainstorming ideas for product development…the list goes on and on. The best part is I get to do all this from home!

 At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

You work from home. What does an average day at the “office” look like for you?

I get up at 7:45, so I have some time to hit the shower, make my husband and myself a quick breakfast (usually a green smoothie or bowl of Captain Crunch), and feed and play with Miles. Around 8:30 or 9, I start my commute…a little shuffle across the hall! My days honestly look pretty similar to if I was in an office…I work normal biz hours, take a lunch break around 12, and am back at it again until around 6 or 6:30. I’ve pretty much been working from home since 2010, aside from one job where I did commute for a year, so I’ve definitely got my groove down working solo. While at times I wish I had people to hang out with instead of having full-on conversations with my dog, I’m generally on the phone or g-chatting with my co-workers throughout the day so I still manage to feel connected to the team. Every now and then when my schedule isn’t too crazy, I’ll try and escape my computer for a bit to have lunch with a friend but you’ll never see me working from a coffee house. I am 100% a fan of my big computer screen and Wacom tablet, and just can’t handle working on my (now broken) laptop for more than just checking email anymore. Wish I could, but I find I’m way more efficient on my large-and-in-charge computer, haha!

At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

Back to baby. You are having a girl! What excites you most about having a daughter?

Oh my gosh, I am so excited…bring on the tutus and sparkles! Initially, the idea of having a girl terrified me…specifically the terrors of the teenage drama-filled years. Yikes! My mom predicted that I was having a girl at like 7 weeks with unwavering confidence, and paired with the extreme nausea, I was pretty convinced that we would be welcoming a daughter come September so I had plenty of time to start imagining life with our little babe. When they told us it was a girl at the ultrasound, we weren’t surprised or shocked….just overjoyed that the little girl that we had been dreaming of was now a confirmed reality! The thing that I am most looking forward to having a daughter is nurturing that mother-daughter bond. I am super close with my mom – she’s one of my best friends and so much fun to hang out with – and I hope to have a relationship like that with my little girl as she grows up.

At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

What excites you most about motherhood? What makes you nervous?

I’m definitely looking forward to watching our little one grow, learn and discover the world….those first laughs, words, days of school, (dare I say!) kiss. John and I are both really excited about living in the moment – even when it’s messy, chaotic and crazy – and creating those memories together. The thing I’m most nervous about it maintaining a sense of myself before becoming a mama….finding that delicate balance between work time, mama time, wife time, and personal time; not being one of those moms who can’t connect with other people on anything but their kids; and, in a more short-sighted sense, how the heck I’m going to survive the first three months of exhaustion and trying to figure out breastfeeding. I’ve hear some horror stories about bloody nipples and mastitis, y’all! That definitely freaks me out a bit, haha!

 At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

So far in your pregnancy, what products can you not live without?

Ummm…do BBQ chips and fresh mango count? My favorite foods aside, I try to use Bio-oil or Burt’s Bee’s shea butter at least a couple times a week to keep my skin moisturized….it’s straight up Saharan desert dry nowadays! Add a good chapstick to that list as well. My trusty black yoga pants (that I ironically never do yoga in) have been a weekly wardrobe staple for me…I’ll dress them up with long tank and chambray top with some layered jewelry for daytime, since I don’t love wearing straight up ‘work out’ gear when I’m not planning to actually work up a sweat. Oh, and a good wireless bra. I was in major denial about how much my cups had begun to overflow by the 4th month, but as someone who literally only wore super thin little bralettes before, it makes a huge difference in how I feel in my clothes knowing that nothing scandalous is going to peek out from under my v-neck tees!

 At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

Did you suffer from morning sickness or other pregnancy conditions? Any tips for our readers?

Oh my gosh, the morning (and by morning, I really mean ALL freakin’ day) sickness….I had it bad up until 21 weeks. That was by far the toughest pregnancy hurdle to get through, both mentally and physically. It’s draining, frustrating, gross and just not fun at all. I felt like a shell of my former self – I couldn’t really leave the house,and I’m pretty sure I left a permanent butt groove in our couch cushions considering all the hours I sat there half watching Netflix/half wishing I could just feel like a normal person again. My advice if you are in the midst of dealing with the constant queasies and projectile vomiting? Eat whatever the heck you can keep down, and keep the meals small but frequent.  I legitimately survived on saltines, bagels and cream cheese, bland cereals, toast, cheddar cheese slices, and mac n’ cheese. No joke. I felt super guilty about eating all that junk, but it was better to have something to munch on versus letting your stomach get empty. Don’t do that. Seriously. Keep a stash of saltines on your bedside table to munch on first thing in the morning, and also in your purse. The second tip is that you can google how to get rid of morning sickness all you want (and you will) and call your friends for advice on how they dealt with theirs (that they then will tell you didn’t exist…..argh!!!), but honestly nothing makes the nausea go away entirely. I tried ginger hard candies, strong peppermint gum, saltines, b-natals (vitamin B6), ginger tea, ice chips, Tums, switching up my pre-natal vitamins, avoiding my phone entirely because the scrolling motion brought on nausea, and praying to God for relief. You’ll just have to experiment, and see what your body responds to in order to take the edge off a little bit…and anything helps when you are one puke away from a bona fide mental meltdown. The third tip? This too shall pass, and keep your eyes on the prize. When my first trimester came to an end and I was still throwing up 6 times a day, I was really bummed out. Once I started to accept that this was just my new norm potentially until September and started preparing for the inevitable (like gallon-size zip lock baggies in my car and purse for emergencies, and always carrying a stash of ginger/peppermint chews/tums when I did get out and about), things seemed to get better because I was a prepared puking pro at that point. It’s a minor price to pay in the long-term, really. 🙂

At Home With Publicist Kirsten Stoddard via Love Child | www.lovechildmag.com | Motherhood Lifestyle Website Photo Credit: Katie Jameson

Have you read any books or listened to any podcasts that have been helpful?

To be honest, I am way more laid-back with this whole pregnancy thing that I ever thought I would be. I just have this attitude that this pregnancy is in God’s hands, and all I can really do is try to keep myself healthy and as stress-free as possible. I do have the What To Expect and Babycenter apps on my phone which I check every few days, which are super helpful in tracking the baby’s weekly growth and offer short articles from doctors, other mamas, and quick tips. I’m really a lot more focused on what comes after the birth of the baby…like, what’s the deal with breastfeeding? and sleep schedules? what if the baby won’t sleep? do you co-sleep or go straight to the crib? is swaddling as complicated as it looks because I already suck at folding burritos? how the heck is Miles going to react to the baby? So, it’s those topics that I have been hitting up my besties who have little ones of their own with, watching YouTube videos, and manically researching this stuff on the web. I love the “Real Talk With Real Moms” series where a few different bloggers weigh in on a certain selected topic for the week, since hearing their unique stories feels personal and a bit uncensored (just like when you talk to your girlfriends). So far, I’ve heard that The Wonder Weeks and The Happiest Baby on the Block are pretty solid so I plan on picking those up mid-summer!

Photography by Katie Jameson