Do you have “a thing”? Let me explain. Or better yet, let Amy Young, owner of Thirds, explain. After years spent in NYC launching some pretty notable magazines (Women’s Health Magazine and Nylon to name a couple), Amy realized her “thing” was actually bringing comfort and happiness to her friends through entertaining. After a move to Texas and deciding it was now or never, Amy started what is now Thirds, an online marketplace with beautiful handmade creations for the home and kitchen. Thirds is so much more than this though. It’s about reconnecting, finding artists and pieces that speak to you and your home and serves as a great reminder to take time to pursue your passions, and find “your thing”.

What was the journey like to open Thirds? 

Unexpected to say the least! When I was 21 years old and fresh out of Texas State University, I landed a job in New York with a magazine that was just launching, which is now Women’s Health Magazine today.  Utilizing the fearless mentality of every 21 year old I packed my bags and found myself living in Brooklyn 2 weeks later. After a few years of working under the Rodale Publishing house, I began my career at NYLON Magazine which to every Millenial at the time was the end all, be all of jobs.  From there I eventually became the Marketing Director of NYLON which included lots of travel and meeting some of the most talented, interesting and influential friends and mentors that I still have close relationships with to this day.
After my time in magazines I moved to working for fashion brands like alice + olivia and Coach, which of course garnered great exposure to some one-of-a-kind opportunities.
Being a true Southern girl at heart, my entire time while in NY I was always trying to shape a home atmosphere for myself and friends.  I realized that creating situations that brought comfort and happiness was “my thing”.  Given this appreciation for entertaining and togetherness, I started spending more and more time visiting artists’ studios and small shops admiring the works of ceramicists and other artists while at home in NY and also while traveling for work.
When I moved back to Texas I knew that I needed to shake things up a bit, so I decided it was my now or never moment and decided to curate a collection highlighting artists that I had discovered and loved which is now what Thirds is today! 

On paper, working for brands like Nylon or Coach sound like dream jobs – how and when did you decide this wasn’t the career track for you? What were some of the more valuable skills you learned from those brands and how do they help you with THIRDS? 

I have always dreamed of having my own business, so that idea had always been buzzing in the back of my head.  It was never so much the career path that wasn’t the right fit, but it was more the lifestyle.  I knew it was time for me to slow down a bit and take better care of myself which is hard to do in a career such as publishing and fashion.  I have such a stubborn and furious work ethic that I knew I would have to completely remove myself in order to really make an impactful change in my day to day lifestyle.  
During the time at NYLON, my team and I launched their e-commerce site, NYLONshop so that obviously was a great learning platform.  Beyond that, my career always had a focus on marketing strategy, creating ongoing collaborations and partnerships as well as a lot of testing of boundaries.  The combination of calculated bold moves, endless trial and error, along with eccentric personalities had become my norm which was the most useful when launching a brand of my own. 

What inspired you to open Thirds?  

I really wanted to create a space that both highlighted artists that I admired, while also granting customers access to their work in an approachable manner.  I strongly believe that one’s home is an extension of personal style in the same mode that art and fashion can be for many.
Our commitment is to help others curate environments of their own whether it be a living room or even an office cubicle which reflects their character and individuality.

So many our readers are in a similar position. They have great jobs but they don’t necessarily fulfill them creatively. Do you have any advice or tools to help get to the next level?

Remember to reach out to your friends, peers and mentors!  So often we forget that others either have gone through or are experiencing the same dilemmas and doubts, so sometimes just chatting or honestly connecting with someone goes a long way!
Be sure to carve out time for yourself to pursue your passion.  Maybe that means dedicating your weekends to mapping out a path for your side hustle, or waking up an hour early to begin your email outreach.  It doesn’t have to be a huge leap, but talk about it, set up coffee chats with mentors, create mood boards- do what you have to do, but put it out into the universe and make it happen for yourself!

We love the idea that your pieces enliven your home and inspire your story. Is the cornerstone of your brand? 

My intention was all about reconnecting.
To bring traditional process of stoneware, ceramics and textiles back into the home.  I wanted to celebrate a slowed-down approach, highlight the details and honor the process just as much as the end result.  Our artists use high-quality organic materials, plant-based dyes and crafted skills to create each unique piece.  Each item that I carry is an expression of true craftsmanship and artistry.

Tell us more about Thirds. What type of products do you carry? What are the top selling brands?  

I love to find the pieces that are both functional yet decorative which really offers additional longevity.  Every artist that Thirds’ features is based in the United States and has their own recognizable, signature style.

What’s next for Thirds?

Thirds will continue on as an online marketplace, but will continue to partner with other local brick and mortar retailers to host a series of pop-up shops.  I would love to begin to explore more and more custom orders for boutique hotels, hospitality groups and one-on-one clients.
I like to take each day at a time and see what comes my way while staying true to the roots of Thirds which is to continue to inspire stories.