Winter can be so cozy and lovely around the holidays, but with dryer air and heaters on constantly, sometimes our skin just can’t catch a break. When drinking endless amounts of water still doesn’t seem to keep my skin hydrated, I turn to these remedies to get glowing again. Here are some easy ways to adjust your skin care routine to winter’s colder and dryer climate.

  1. Introduce a few drops of face oil into your daily moisturizer. This will give you that glow which seems to fade so quickly after summer time. Seriously try this out, and watch your friends start asking what you are doing differently!  Try these face oils: Aesop Fabulous Face Oil  RMS Beauty Oil
  2. Gently exfoliate once or twice a week to slough dead skin cells and dry patches. You can use a gentle wash cloth or a product like Herbivore Brighten enzyme mask.
  3. Add a serum to your daily regimen. I find winter is a great time to try products like Retinols or products that call for limited sun exposure. Try the Verso Super Facial Serum which is very potent but gentle at the same time. Or consider a serum for brightness. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum is a great non-toxic option.
  4. If your skin is persistently dry, try a hydrating mask like GlamGlow Thirsty Mud mask once or twice a week. Keep it on overnight if skin is really dehydrated.
  5. Rescue chapped lips with a healing lip balm! Lucas Papaw Ointment delivers moisture and recovery in an instant. It’s an Australian product that has attained cult status here in the U.S.

By Avery Allen 

Avery Allen is a freelance makeup artist committed to the art of natural makeup. She believes that makeup should not mask the face, but rather enhance each individual’s features and let their natural beauty shine through. Avery works regularly with private clients and brides, as well as collaborating on print and editorial work. Her work has been spotted in publications such as SELF Magazine, Austin Monthly, and CAKE Magazine.

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