Today is our third wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe how much change has happened in three years. We grew by two sweet baby boys (!), remodeled our house (while six months pregnant because why not), traveled, said goodbye to our first dog, started a new business (or two or three)…should I go on? It’s exhausting just reading that list and it’s my life. Michael and I continue to grow together but also as individuals and we are well on our way to figuring out our roles as parents. I’m proud of the work we’ve done so far and excited for the future.

This year, when planning our holiday family photos, we knew we wanted it to be about more than just us. With my immediate family all living in Austin, we invited them to join us at our shoot because as we all know, it’s take a village and if you’re lucky like we are,  that village is your family. You may remember that we signed on with photographer Heather Gallagher and her year long subscription photography package that begins with your pregnancy and goes through your child’s first birthday. This has been one of the best decisions we have made as a family. We started with our maternity shoot at home, a pregnancy boudoir shoot I’m still building up the courage to share, our Fresh 48 at the hospital when Grey was born and now our holiday shoot, and we’re only 6 months in. I shared more about the subscription service here.

When we approached Heather about a multi-generational shoot, she was in! Our extended family has grown and now that there are three little ones, everything is so fun. My entire family fell in love with Heather and her photos and now we have these sweet moments captured forever.

For more information and for package rates, email Heather at View more of Heather’s work on her website here