Rainy days are so bittersweet. We want to be out doing all the things, enriching these littles lives as much as possible (and passing the hours until nap time) but find ourselves begging for time to slow down and wishing for days where we have nothing to do. Today was one of those days as all of Texas braced themselves for Hurricane Harvey. Strong winds and uprooted trees meant even a walk was out of the question so we had to get creative. Museums, indoor play gyms, and libraries are always on our rotation but given that it was a rainy weekend, this mama preferred to stay home and avoid the noise and crowds. We came up with 8 ways to keep your tiny hurricanes entertained indoors. Image by Moozle

Art Class

Start collecting canvases (I buy the 5-packs at Michaels), paint, brushes, stickers, magnets, crayons, etc. Today, we grabbed a few washable paints, a canvas and armed with a towel, sat outside and painted in the rain. I date and hang the canvas in Bowie’s room after it dries.


Bowie is hands-0n making baking a fun challenge. Before we start, I usually set him up with a snack in the high chair while I grab all the materials and ingredients. He watches from his high chair while I combine ingredients and then he helps stir. He also helps “wash” and “clean”. We typically bake something we can eat the rest of the week like muffins or a frittata.

Be A Bookworm

This works best in Bowie’s room where I can put away his other toys and limit distractions. Grab a sippy cup, a snack and a big basket of books. If you know rain is in the forecast, head to the library or bookstore and pick out a few new surprise books.

Build A Fort

A fort, an obstacle course, just as long as you get them moving. One of our favorite gifts was a collapsible tunnel.

Make Your Own Music Class

Bring out the instruments and encourage your babe to play. Don’t have any on hand? It’s as easy as putting different objects in a tupperware container. Pinterest has endless inspiration for DIY instruments.

Play Dress Up

We all have those outfits that were either gifted to us, meant for special occasions, or were never worn because the season didn’t work out. Today, Bowie played in an embroidered jersey that he will soon outgrow and we tried on a few hand-me-downs to see if they fit.

Get Outside

Despite the sideways rain, we managed to spend a few minutes outside. We set up a blanket and watched the rain and the cars (Bowie’s latest obsession). We splashed, we clapped and filled different cups and containers with water. Made for some cute photos.

Activity Bags

I keep a few activity bags ready for unexpected downtime. A few of Bowie’s favorites are magnets and a cookie sheet, stuffing various ribbons in an old wipes container, a bag of zippers (or anything at your house with a zipper), clay or play-doh, pipe cleaners and a colander, or a bag of noise makers (rattles, maracas).

We’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below and we’ll update our list!