I was talking with a girlfriend today and we got on the topic of our pregnancies. I loved being pregnant. When I looked back at the reasons why I loved it, it all came down to how well I took care of myself. 16 weeks postpartum seems like a good time to check yourself. So I did. And starting today, I’m putting these easy practices back into place.  These lifestyle changes work for anyone, pregnant or not, wanting to (realistically) reset your lifestyle. Here’s to finding that glow, permanently.

Featured Image via Dos Mundos Creative

Start exercising.

Join a gym. Start running. Get active.



We’re talking 100 ounces a day. Your body will start to crave water.


Take pre-natals.

I used this and this but find one that works for you and have your doctor look over them at your first appointment.


Build healthy eating habits.

This is helpful when those cravings kick in.


Cut back on alcohol.

Or switch to red wine or vodka. Virgin drinks tend to have lots of added sugar.


Drink decaf.

It won’t hurt as much when you have to make the switch.


Reduce stress.

Try yoga or meditation both of which will be helpful during labor.



It does wonders for your body and skin.