Ok, ladies. 2017 is officially happening, and we all know what a new year means: new trends! In honor of the big 1-7, let’s take a look at 5 new trends, 5 trends we’re still feeling, 5 trends we’re resurrecting from years gone by, and 2 trends we’re hoping will finally vanish this year.


Fresh & New

  1. Statement Sleeves: we dipped our toe in with baby bell sleeves in 2016, but there’s not holding back this year (Loéil)
  2. Major Shoulders: call it a reaction to last year’s obsessive lack of shoulders (The Cut)
  3. Bright Stripes: because we’re leaving minimalism in the dust in 2017 (Glamour)
  4. Greenery: hope springs eternal, right? (The New York Times)
  5. Yellow Dresses: call it the Lemonade effect, but it looks like romantic yellow dresses are happening in 2017. (Vogue Paris)


Survived 2016

  1. Lampshading: as popularized by the Kim K. and kompany. (WhoWhatWear)
  2. Pink (Need Supply Co.)
  3. Femleisure: [fem-lee-zher] The marriage of feminine and athleisure pieces in a single outfit, e.g. a dress and sneakers; a word we’re not sure we’ll adopt, but a look we’ve already been rocking. (The Fashion Spot)
  4. Cropped Jeans: if you weren’t sold on on kick flares and scissor cuts in 2016, your second chance has arrived. (Glamour)
  5. Statement Earrings: mismatched, sparkly, dangly, chandelier? All of the above, please. (InStyle)



  1. Plaid: more ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ less ‘Kurt Cobain’ (WhoWhatWear)
  2. Fishnets: for more than your legs (InStyle)
  3. Polos: everybody’s dad continues to inspire. (WhoWhatWear)
  4. Platforms: think 1977, not 2007 (Zara)
  5. The 80s: because we’ve been maybe too obsessed with the 70s and the 90s lately (Elle)


Please Die

  1. The Naked Dress, and all its iterations: we get it. You’re naked under your clothes. It’s done to death. Please, move on. (Nasty Gal)
  2. ‘Festival’ fashion: a code word for a flower-crown-topped crocheted-to-death hippie getup, hopefully this look peaces out in 2017. Far out. (InStyle)