Ugh, the day you return to work. We’ve all been there. We’ve all dreaded the day from the moment we went on maternity leave, maybe the moment we found out we were pregnant. Is there a harder day? I don’t know. So many emotions go into the days and nights leading up to this day. Fear, anxiety, so many tears. If you’ve been there, you know you know your friend will eventually be ok. But, they don’t know that. The first couple of weeks will be tough but it gets easier. Your friend may actually start to enjoy their time away–but none of that will matter in those first few days. Instead, all these mamas need is reassurance they will get through the day and a little extra love from their friends. We asked mamas who recently went back to work how their friends and co-workers helped them through these rough first day.

12 Ways To Support A Friend Returning To Work

After Maternity Leave

  1. Decorate their space with silly photos of the baby. No doubt there are hundreds to choose from on their Instagram account.
  2. Write silly notes from baby and leave them in unexpected places.
  3. Reach out to their significant others to send them flowers.
  4. Frame a photo of mama and baby.
  5. Create a pump space for them. Supply a cooler, or mini-fridge if in budget.
  6. If they’ll be pumping at their desk, gift them a sound machine to muffle sounds or a pretty scarf for privacy.
  7. Provide tissues. Lots of tissues.
  8. Check in on them throughout the day.
  9. Encourage a coffee break or lunch at a new spot.
  10. Bring a few of their favorite snacks for those first pumping sessions that seem to drain all your energy.
  11. Go in with friends or co-workers to provide dinner or take out for those first few nights. This way, when they go home, all they have to worry about is snuggles.
  12. Hugs, lots of hugs.

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